Archival Training for Non Professionals

There are several programs offered in the United States which are intended to for people who have been given the position of archivist (full time or part time) but who have no training in the field.

The Overseas Ministries Study Center regularly offers a multi-day workshop, taught by Martha Smalley of Yale Divinity School, on archival administration for church and mission organizations. For more information, contact the OMSC at:

The Modern Archives Institute , offered by the National Archives, is the oldest archival training program in the United States. Originally developed for National Archives staff, it's two week program (offered twice a year) is open to all and is particularly helpful to someone who is going to serve an the archivist of an organization records. The e-mail address is:

The Georgia Archives Institute. Another long running program that has been the means of introducing many to archival work. The email address is

The Western Archives Institute. Another two week program offered by the Society of California Archivists.

The Society of American Archivists periodically offers one or two day workshops on archival basics, such as collecting, processing, providing access, conservation, etc. as well as advanced workshops. Click here to go to SAA's workshop page.

There are numerous archival associates in the Untied States and Canada that serve a particular region, state, county or city. These too sometimes offer training seminars, often in conjunction with the Society of American Archivists. They are an excellent means for meeting archivists in your area who can be resource people. Click here for a list of archival associations.

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