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Oswald Smith (1889-1986) was a Canadian pastor and evangelist, enthusiastic missions supporter, pastor, poet, hymn lyricist, and author. He pastored congregations in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto, but is best known as the founding pastor of The Peoples Church, a large congregation in greater Toronto. He also traveled throughout the world and used radio broadcasts to share the gospel message and stimulate missions awareness. The image above shows Smith just before the start of a revival service in Canada in the early 20th century. Find out more about Smith here.

The centerpiece of this page is Smith's talk (5:45 minutes), "Who Can Pay So Much?" a sample of his evangelistic preaching (Collection 322, audio tape T18). You can also see a reproduction of the tract (the published tract is permenantly stored in the Billy Graham Center Museum.), hear Smith give the message, and read along in a full-text transcript.

You can also learn about Oswald Smith's papers in Collection 322 at the Archives. By copying the boldfaced text Smith, Oswald you can paste that text in the online database, click search, and explore descriptions of other collections with information on him.

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