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Paul Rader's Sermon, "The Stone Age"

In the 1920s, Paul Rader of the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle in Chicago was one of the most dynamic evangelists in North America. (Click for his biography.) He was a pioneer in many ways of using new media (such as radio) to spread an evangelistic message about the hope and salvation available through Jesus Christ. And the Tabernacle was one of the most active churches in the city, with an outreach to all parts of Chicago.

Rader's ministry had an impact on a multitude of lives, many of whom became evangelists or pastors or missionaries themselves. But of his actual sermons, of all the thousands of hours he preached, there is only one old, scratchy phonograph record left, a brief sermonette called "The Stone Age", based on the Gospel of John 8:1-11.

Click to hear Paul Rader's sermon, "The Stone Age." (4 minutes, 9 seconds)

Images on this page: Front and back of a handbill prepared for the 1921 evangelistic campaign that resulted in the founding of the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle. From Collection 38, Box 1, Folder 52

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