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Transcript of a letter from Pearl Goode to Grady Wilson,
ca. August 1969


Mrs. Goode kept in regular touch with various members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, including associate evangelist Grady Wilson. Following is a transcript of a handwritten letter on four sheets she wrote to Rev. Wilson shortly after his evangelistic campaign in Biloxi, Mississippi (July 20 to August 3, 1969) and before the campaign that Billy Graham was to lead in Anaheim, California (September 26 to October 5). She also refers to the United States Congress on Evangelism, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota (September 8-13). Any comments by the archivist are in brackets []. The original can be found in folder 9 of box 23 of Collection 544.



My Dear Grady:

Again I hear you are in Miss + again I am praying for you. Stange but as I prayed for you and Billy, I wept witha burden for those people + for God's power to come upon you each night , my own soul stirred as I prayed for that meeting. thank God [,]Oh! thank God, you went to that city at that time, it was so good to see you, that your life has been spared. Praise God. I wept and I praised God too for those dear people had the gospel brought to them and prayers went up for the people of Miss[.] trying to get a room at a near by Hotel in Anaheim but all too far for walking + the taxi and my arthritis don't get along very well, but God will work it out alright. am giving much time in prayer for Billy + all you boys + believe God is really going to come upon the meeting. We so need the Holy Spirit to come upon us. Pardon writing[.] eye sight poor, but Heb 11:26. Affliction often a blessing Oh! say if you get a pass [to the crusade meetings probably] will you get one for me. it could be I will not be able to go much after this. its all in Gods will. God bless you. Sincerely in Christ, Pearle Goode

Phone no - [number omitted] if you come this way better phone me. I go out to walk in the mornings[.] would not miss you for anything[.] thank you[.] Pearl

Will pray earnestly for all of you at the Congress[.] Also for Leighton [Ford] as he preaches on the Church. May God mightily stir the dear preachers + all of us [.] We so need it today[.]



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