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Transcript of Pearl Goode interview, 1970

This interview was recorded by Dr. Lois Ferm with Pearl Goode on October 23, 1970, place unknown. The interview was probably done in the greater Los Angeles area in the United States. Comments by the transcribers are in brackets [].

MRS. LOIS FERM: ...your experiences in the first Billy Graham Crusade? Would you like to give me your name?

MRS. PEARL GOODE: Mrs. Pearl Goode.

FERM: And where do you live?

GOODE: Pasadena, California.

FERM: Would you tell me a little bit about how you came to go to the very first Crusade in Los Angeles in 1949?

GOODE: I was nursing in a millionaire's home in San Marino, picked up a little...picked up the Daily News and saw a little clipping telling about it and I....

FERM: Just a minute, just a minute. [pauses] Yes, okay, its going.

GOODE: After my duty...went off duty about 5 o'clock, I drove over to Los Angeles and got [to] Hill and Washington and there I went under the big tent where Mr. Graham was preaching.

FERM: You say there was a big tent there.


FERM: Was it filled?

GOODE: Filled, and running over.

FERM: How long did this Crusade run?

GOODE: It run...ran eight weeks.

FERM: Did you know anything about the preparation for this Crusade,? Did they get ready for it by prayer groups?

GOODE: They...prayer meetings everywhere.

FERM: And how did they organize these? Do you know?

GOODE: Well, we had a man that's already gone to heaven now.

FERM: Could you tell us his name?

GOODE: I've forgotten it now.

FERM: Okay, we'll find that out. All right. [Daddy Moon]. Yeah.

GOODE: But, anyway, they...they just went just scattered. A young man was coming. And we had lots of prayer in Los Angeles in 19 and 29. Good, praying people.

FERM: I think you mean 1949, don't you? Not '29.

GOODE: 1949. Right. Correct.

FERM: All right. Now, do you think that this prayer was done by the churches? Was it the churches that got together, or individuals?

GOODE: It was individuals.

FERM: Individuals.

GOODE: Individuals with burdens.

FERM: For this Crusade.

GOODE: For this meeting. And they came together and formed a prayer meeting. Eventually we had all days for several weeks of meeting at 10 o'clock in the morning and praying.

FERM: Is that right?

GOODE: Praying and then we had one all night of prayer, 38 hours.

FERM:, Now, can you tell us a little bit about the people them- selves that were in the Crusade? Who were some? Now, of course, there was Billy. Can you tell us a little bit about he impressed you in those days?

GOODE: Well, he was just a young man, not quite thirty. And he had his Bible in one hand and sort of lifted one finger, "My Bible says, my Bible says, my Bible says. I'm quoting the Scripture." That impressed me.

FERM: That's what you wanted to hear. You didn't want to hear what somebody ele.....

GOODE: Absolutely. "My Bible says." It impressed me.

FERM: Yes. All right, ow, who else was on the [Billy Graham evangelism] team at that time?

GOODE: Well, Cliff Barrows and Bev Shea made up the team. Bev was the singer and Cliff led the singing and Billy gave the preaching and that was that.

FERM: And was Billie Barrows playing the piano at that time? Cliff's wife?

GOODE: Yes, and he and his wife would sing.

FERM: They sang.

GOODE: Sometimes.

FERM: Uh huh. Can you tell us a little bit about the way the invitation was given and the number...the way converts came...people came forward to seek Christ.

GOODE: Well, we had a little room. I mean, a little tent behind the big tent, choir tent...choir tent behind the big tent.

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: And when we asked them to come forward, they went into that tent, and that is where they prayed. They prayed in there.

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: You see, we had a place to take care of them. It isn't like what it is now.

FERM: Did they have counselors? Who took care...who was...?

GOODE: They had counselors, and a lot of people didn't have any counselors. They just got down and prayed to God for forgiveness of sins, or whatever they needed.

FERM: Uh huh. Now, after they found the Lord, was there any effort on the part of people in Los Angeles to get them into churches?

GOODE: Well, no, [pauses]I don't...I didn't...I don't know too much about that. I presume there were. But some of these converts, like Stuart Hamblen and Jim Vau, they had marvelous testimonies. Jim is still in New York City.

FERM: Yes, he is.

GOODE: And God has used him mightily.

FERM: That't right.

GODDE: Jim Vaus was a wonderful, wonderful convert.

FERM:, Did you see many ministers? Were there many ministers in the Los Angeles area that were involved in this Crusade

GOODE: Well, some were involved, and some got mad.

FERM: Is that right?

GOODE: One got so mad, and he told his church (he's very prominent) to stay away from Billy Graham's meetings. He wanted the money and the people. But the dear, precious man saw his mistake later and got down on his knees and asked God to forgive him and went all out for Christ and Billy Graham and the work of God.

FERM: Oh, that's marvelous. We are exicted to hear stories like that's aren't we? Can you tell us...would you just like to reminisce a bit about the Crusade and your feeling about the crusade there? You were talking about William Randolph Hearst and his advertising of it and some of the other things that you remember about it.

GOODE: Well, he...Mr. Hearst didn't claim to be a Christian in those days but I believe that through that he became a Christian before he died. He...he...he was so interested in the Gospel and got it in his great big newspapers. I believe God used it to bring him in, and that was marvelous, was the way I felt about it...

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: Because I had known of him. And I just felt that was the Lord getting a hold of that man's heart. And then, of course, I was concerned with men and women getting converted and in the prayer...praying part of it. I was right in there. We had a great prayer meeting one day. It was sort of a confession meeting and I got up and I said, "I want to make a confession, that I've been accustomed down through my life since I was converted at seventeen to spend often nights in prayer and days in prayer and fasting. The old Methodists taught that, and I was trained that way and I saw it in the Bible.

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: And I got up and I said, "Now, my children are married and I am alone and I don't have such...quite the burden." Then I was 65 and I thought I was awfully old and I said, "I just sort of let up on all-night praying."

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: And I sat down and a girl got up, a young lady, she said, "I closed my beauty salon today to come here to pray, to find God's help to find a good spiritual church to go. I want to go to a spiritual church," she said. "I'm saved. Lady, would you pray with me all night?" And I took it up and about ten got up and said the same thing. Then I got back up and I said, "You see God's put his approval upon my confession. He wants me to take it up again. We'll have an all-night of prayer tonight, " and we did. And thirty-eight were there until sun-up.

FERM: Do you think perhaps that these all-night prayer meetings might have been some of the secret to the terrific...the success of the Crusade?

GOODE: Well, certainly. Prayer...prayer is the [unclear] success of a real born-again people.

FERM: Yes. I wanted you to say it, though. I mean, I don't think there are a lot of people who....

GOODE: Oh, I believe in prayer.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: But they are getting away from that, you see.

FERM: Back when I was young and all, we had lots of prayer before the meeting, and a lot of prayer during that meeting.

FERM: Of course, we know now that Mr. Graham feels this way about his Crusades and this is why we have the prayers, prayer groups...

GOODE: Exactly.

FERM: ...starting all over these homes.

GOODE: Exactly.

FERM: He knows this, but I am sure that this is the secret of, don't you think, of the beginning of this great Crusade?

GOODE: Certainly. I believe it with all my heart.

FERM: other words, if we would get together and pray for almost any servant of God, as consistently as we pray for Billy, maybe some of our other wonderful ministers would have some tremendous results.

GOODE: They would have much more than they are having. Much more, and I have felt that.

FERM: You feel that...?

GOODE: I have felt that for years that we do not pray enough for our preachers.

FERM: Right. That's really our responsibility.

GOODE:- The church doesn't pray enough for its pastor.

FERM: Pastor, right. Now tell me, you were....

GOODE: Prayer is hard work.

FERM: It is hard work. That's right. Tell me something else now. You were saying as the crowds grew...they did grow night by night.

GOODE:- We had to...we had to...

FERM: Add tents.

GOODE: We had to add to the tent. We made a long one you know. [chuckles] And then we couldn't get them all under that long tent. so the street that passed by that thet, it was sort of a short, narrow street, and at night, they'd just rope it off. The city's would allow it to be roped off. They did allow it to be roped off, and nobody could pass. And we put them all out in that street, just as thick as they could stand.

FERM: It's thrilling, isn't it.

GOODE: Of, thrilling.

FERM: I don't suppose anything like that had happened in Los Angeles?

GOODE: Oh no, oh no. It was thrilling, it was, and people just had such a...well, they just had such a time getting seats and saving seats, that was a.... And they come, not for curiosity. They come because they knew God was there. And that young man had God.

FERM: Yes, he did, we know that.

GOODE: Yes, he had God, and then so much prayer going up for him. And when he came, I think, to stay two or three weeks, and they kept him eight, and he ran out of sermons.

FERM: Yes, because he was just beginning himself, wasn't he? [Goode chuckles] He had to pray some more.

GOODE: He was just a boy. He was just a boy.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: You know, God spoke to me about him.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: He showed me and told me that he would preach all over this world, and he was called as no other man was called in this age to preach the Gospel and he must preach all over this world. And my job was to pray for him.

FERM: And this you have done.

GOODE: That's what I have done from that day to this one, dear girl, faithfully...

FERM: And you've been to....

GOODE: ...and this is my forty-fifth crusade.

FERM: That's what I wanted you to say, how many crusade.

Crusade. I wouldn't have done this, never!, had God not spoke to me, no matter what anybody said or done. I just got up and obeyed God. And I just started right away, pretty soon after, because the Lord made it clear that I should follow along, unknown and unseen, and followed along and prayed for him in cities. That was my job, not running around and sightseeing.

FERM: And...and....

GOODE: It's been marvelous!

FERM: It's been a joy to you, hasn't it?

GOODE: Oh, marvelous.

FERM: It's has. It's brought you....

GOODE: To see God's work with that man over all the United States and over in the Islands, up in Canada, over in London, Billy Graham is the same man of God!

FERM: Well, how wonderful, how thrilled we should be in this age to have been able to be a part of....

GOODE: Now I'm eighty- six.

FERM: You're eighty-six.

GOODE: And its twenty-one years now.

FERM: Twenty-one years that you have been praying consistantly.

GOODE: And he's God's man.

FERM: And we...we know this. God has shown His approval on his life, hasn't He?

GOODE: All along, all along, all along.

FERM: Now, going back to the Los Angeles days, are there any particular people in the Los Angeles area, other than men like [pauses] like the outstanding converts like Stuart Hamblen and some of those others, some other people that you could mention, since I will be going to Los Angeles to look up some of these records and so forth , that you could tell me about on the early days?

GOODE: Well, there's a Mr. Smith there [Clifford Smith], but.... And he was in the... he always had a big store of some kind. I just don't know his given name, but you won't have any trouble inquiring about him.

FERM: All right.

GOODE: He's one of the main workers and he would come in and tell us who to pray for.

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: He would bring in a lot of names of different ones to pray for, promient people, in the Prayer Room.

FERM: What kind of a store did he have? A department store?

GOODE: I don't think so. I think it was to do with mens' wear.

FERM: Men's clothing.

GOODE: I think so.

FERM: All right.

GOODE: And then there was...what's his name? You see, it's been twenty-one years that I've been away from there.

FERM: I know, I know.

GOODE: And I'm getting older and it just slipped my mind.

FERM: Well, how about, did you know Ben Weiss?

GOODE: Yes, I was going to try to speak to him.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: Talk to him about [unclear] at...over at Anaheim.

FERM: Do you think he's one I should call?

GOODE: Oh, he's a good one.

FERM: He's a dear man, isn't he?

GOODE: He's a godly man, He....

FERM: He....

GOODE: He's....

FERM: He was in a Crusade, wasn't he?

GOODE: He was right in it and he come up.... He wasn't in for that night of prayer, but he was there before sun-up to see what...see what it was like there.

FERM: What was his position? What was his...?

GOODE: He was, I think head of a high school at....

FERM: Principal of a high school.

GOODE: Yes, principal of a high school...

FERM: I see.

GOODE: ...I believe at that time.

FERM: And what was his role in the Crusade? Was he head of the...?

GOODE: Oh, he just did everything.

FERM: Just did everything, we just did everything.

GOODE: We just...they didn't have....

FERM: They didn't have designated jobs then.

GOODE: Oh, no, everybody just....

FERM: Everybody just stopped by and worked.

GOODE: Yers, they found their place, they found their place...

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: someway or other and got in it.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And everytbody was ready to pray, pray for Mr. Graham, and see it carry on. That's a good one you can go to see.

FERM: Yes, I thought I would go to see him.

GOODE: Yes, you should go and see him.

FERM: Are there any others that you can think who still might have memories of that '49 Crusade?

GOODE: Well, if you go and see these two, find Mr. Smith. And...and Ben can tell you about Mr. Smith.

FERM: Tell me about Mr. Smith.

GOODE: Oh, yes. He knew them. Those two were right in there, working I mean.

FERM: Very active. [chuckles] GOODE: That's what I was trying to say.

FERM: Yes, that's right. I was wondering now about any other phases of the Crusade. Were there...?

GOODE: There might be one other that you might go and see and that's one of the preachers that was there. And he's...was a pastor, but he's not now. The pastor of the Church of the Open Door.

FERM: Yes. Talbot. Louie Talbot?



GOODE: No. What's the other one?

FERM: I can't think.

GOODE: He just now retired. You can find out.

FERM: But he's still California.

GOODE: Still in Los Angeles.

FERM: In Los Angeles.

GOODE: He could tell you alot because he's a preacher. He could tell you the other side of it.

FERM: That right? Well, then I'll go and see him too.

GOODE: You're find out. He was preacher...pastor of the Open Door for about twenty years or more. What is his name? I can't think.

FERM: Well, don't worry. I'll find it when I get out there.

GOODE: You'll find it.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: But those three there can get you some.... You know, they're different.

FERM: Yes, one from ed...the education, one from business, and one from...

GOODE: And a preacher.

FERM: ...and one from the ministerial side, yes.

GOODE: I believe that's about all I can recall now but I know it just stirred the whole town stirred people up and they will be here getting down and found Christ and was born again new creatures in Christ Jesus.

FERM: Now, after the Crusade was over, did the churches start to grow as a result of these Crusades?

GOODE: I don't know about the churches. See, I lived in Pasadena. I drove over every night...

FERM: I see.

GOODE: ...about twenty miles. I guess. Fifteen or twenty.

FERM:, That was a long drive every night for you.

GOODE: Yes. Mr. Graham spoke to me and he said, "Do you drive over there alone and back every night?" I said, "Certainly." Never even think about it. But of course, in California we get up and move out that way more than you do in some of the other states...

FERM: Yes, yes...

GOODE: know.

FERM: ...yes. The transportation...

GOODE: Uh huh.

FERM: ...and roads are better.

GOODE: And just...we just had to do it to get there, but any way people came [word unclear]. It was just blessed, it was just blessed.

FERM:, Do you remember any of the...of the hymns that were a favorite at that time? Any of the songs that you sang? Particularly...?

GOODE: Well, I'll tell you one that I sang...that we sang as a chorus. No one would forget that I guess. When they got in their cars and on the streetcars, and in various ways. If you got in your car and drive along, they would all be singing this one. They would come out of that tent and would go all over town singing it:

Send a great revival in my Soul. [Ferm joins in] Send a great revival in my Soul. Let the Holy Spirit, come and take control and send a great revival in my Soul.

Dear girl, that just finished it.

FERM: Isn't that wonderful?

GOODE: It just was an amen and a benediction to what we've heard under the tent. It was Christ there!

FERM: It must have been....

GOODE: We had no entertainment. We had no fine up-to-date or big professional singers. We had several precious young men with the Holy Spirit in his heart to preach and Bev Shea to sing, and Cliff to direct. That was it!

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And God.

FERM: And God.

GOODE: Oh my!

FERM: There wasn't anything else that you needed, was there?

GOODE: Why, we had all that was necessary.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: And then we had plenty of praying people, lots of them. Godly men and women.

FERM:- Were there any songs that Mr. Shea sang, you know, for example, now in the crusades "How Great Thou Art" is a favorite.

GOODE: Oh no, we hadn't gotton that. We got that when we were up in New York [in 1957].

FERM: Yes, I mean were there any favorites at that time, in 1949, other than this one.

GOODE: Well, one Mr. Shea sang so often, did he write it or something? "I'd rather have Jesus."

FERM: "...Jesus."He sang that then?

GOODE: Many, many times.

FERM: Yes. That was a favorite.

GOODE: Oh, yes. That was a favorite. That came out of his heart to us.

FERM: Yes. Yes. Was Cliff playing his trombone at that time?

GOODE: Sometimes, yes.

FERM: Occasionally?

GOODE: Yes. He'd pick it up you know.

FERM: Did they...did the people enjoy that?

GOODE: Oh, they enjoyed everything.

FERM: I think...I think some of us wish that he would do it once in a while now.

GOODE: We would. We would.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: We would.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: Yes, to come right back down to the simplicity of it all.

FERM: Yes, yes.

GOODE: Oh, It was so beautiful and sweet and there they were just all at their best and just so simple and sweet about it. And it was just an old fashioned revival.

FERM: Yes, and once you've been in one of those, you are never satisfied until you get in one of them again, are you? That just thrills your heart. I've been in a few situations like that myself. It just thrills your heart, doesn't it? Can you tell us...we still have a little more time. Can you tell us any of your own...any other reminiscences that you can think of as you think back on those days? I'm sure many crowd into your mind of the...of those days when Billy was in Los Angeles.

GOODE: Well, of course, I've been in so many since.

FERM: It's hard to...You get them mixed up together maybe.

GOODE: Yes, and they're just so different, many of them and so big and so many people...

FERM: Right.

GOODE: ...and many things, you know, to try to add, but it was down to earth and precious.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And that tent was lifted and taken up to another city and another revival, not through Mr. Graham but another revival stillin that same tent. But the tent was precious because we had to patch it and add another tent on it, and another one.

FERM: Yes, that's marvelous.

GOODE: And everybody was praying about it that they would get it up in time to hold the crowds, to take care of the people.

FERM: Yes. Do you...did you find that there were many of the same people coming night after night?

GOODE: Oh yes. They were there in that prayer room filled.

FERM: But were there also many new people? I mean it wasn't just the same Christians coming but they would bring many others.

GOODE: Oh, just...It was just so full of people and I was always down close to the front.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: The amen corner...

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: ...somewhere close down...

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: ...and I didn't get out to see any, only enough to know that there was just a big crowd and I had such a time to save a seat for my boy that he could get there and that's the way it was.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: You didn't know who was there. There were just crowds and crowds every night.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And coming forward.

FERM: Yes. Oh....

GOODE: And God's benediction was upon it from the time he got there until he left. I found out from Mrs. Graham that he was worn out and unable to sleep at night. And I said, "We've got to get Billy Graham out of here."

FERM: Did you...then you did talk with Mrs. Graham?

GOODE: I talked to...oh yes.

FERM: She was there?

GOODE: Yes, oh yes, I talked to her and Cliff's wife.

FERM: And they told...they shared with you some of the burdens then?

GOODE: Well yes. And I said that I felt like it was time Billy was leaving. I told her, "We can't do that." I studied be a psychiatrist, a Christian psychiatrist...

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: ...and to nurse the mental since I had to nurse for a livelihood, why not.... Just in millionaire's homes, they don't just send their people out, you see.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: You don't need to tape it.

FERM: Oh, that's all right. I think that's interesting...

GOODE: But I learned that.

FERM: ....that you did have an understanding of the needs of people.

GOODE: Oh, and I saw it was getting nervous and better quit. And I saw that Billy was getting worn out...

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: ...worn out, right there.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: It was too much for a young man.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And so, anyway, he...he closed the meeting pretty soon. And I just prayed that God would not let him break down there.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: Because I.... He had his birthday there though and they brought him in a great big cake.

FERM: Oh, they did?

GOODE: Huge! It must have been half as high as he was. Beautiful! And he cut out a few pieces and then now he says, "Now, I want this taken down to the two missions here in Pasa...Los Angeles and cut it up and divide it with the missions."

FERM: Oh, that was nice. That's typical of Billy.

GOODE: Wasn't that him?

FERM: That's just typical of Billy.

GOODE: That's Billy Graham.

FERM: That's right. This is why God can bless him so, isn't it? This is the man.

GOODE: I've never met one like him and I've met lots of preachers.

FERM: Yes. But he's unusual.

GOODE: Yes. He's unusual, he's unusual. He's God's man.

FERM: He really is. He really is.

GOODE: And I know it because God told me so and I know it. I just know it.

FERM: And we...some of these confidences we have with the Lord are something that are deep within side of us and we can only...we only can know it.

GOODE: That is true. That is true. But how wonderful it is to so walk with God that even when I was 65, (and I thought I was as old as Methuselah then)...

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: Why, [Ferm laughs] that you'd know God and hear him speak and had spiritual discernment. Just as soon as I got in there, Jesus said, "in the world, try the Spirit." [unclear]. I went in and sat down and finally got a back seat, but right away when Billy went up to talk "My Bible said, my Bible said," the Spirit came to me, just right now, "There's the Spirit in that man's heart."

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: "He's God's anointed one."

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: So I wasn't wondering, wondering. No. And that's the way it should be.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: So we know who's who.

FERM: Well, the Spirit does bear witness.

GOODE: Certainly does. Certainly does.

FERM: As soon as we see another Christian, we know it.

GOODE: That's the truth, that's the truth. That's a wonderful thing.

FERM: It bears out our wonderful Bible, doesn't it?

GOODE: Oh, it bears it right out, it takes it right out.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: Well, it's been a blessed time but I know that I've been in the will of God and it started in Los Angeles, California.

FERM: And here we are today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


FERM: On October the 23rd, 1970.

GOODE: And serving the same God.

FERM: Was there, is here and will be in the succeeding ones, we know that. Tell me something, how do your children feel about all of this?

GOODE: Well, they think that they have been away from me a lot. They are all married and have their homes and that helped me.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: You see, because I'm not a mother to want top go ahead and boss or a bossy mother- in-law.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: I just committed them to God and they let Him come up and know, train their own families and teach them. I wasn't there to tell them what to do.

FERM: How many children do you have?

GOODE: I had three and one is a war casualty.


GOODE: My oldest son, World War II.

FERM: Oh, I'm sorry.

GOODE: The other two live. Yes.

FERM: And....

GOODE: I've had the taste of war.

FERM: So you understand the pain of these mothers...

GOODE: I sure do,

FERM: ...who have boys in Vietnam?

GOODE: Oh, I do, I do.

FERM: If...if only they would all know our Christ this would make a great difference, wouldn't it?

GOODE: Yes, yes, yes it would. My heart's always gone out and I try to do some war work on this side just because I lost one.

FERM: Yes, but one day perhaps you will see him again. And that's the great hope, isn't it? Now, tell me something. I should tell you something. I think you give great heart to women because there aren't many women of 65 begin to find a great new life for themselves that goes on for this long. That's is marvelous.

GOODE: They get in a room or old house

FERM: Yeah, and they...

GOODE: ...die for fifteen years

FERM: Quit.

GOODE: ...before they do die.

FERM: Yes, that's right. And you feel like you've begun to live.

GOODE: It's the truth. I went 48,000 miles on the Greyhound bus. It was cheaper and I could pray, you know, and I won some souls to Christ on the bus. I would get on the express and then after that I took to the plane, went on the plane altogether then.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: For the last fifteen years I have been on the plane.

FERM: Yes, it's faster. And actually it's more economical if you consider your time.

GOODE: Yes, it's the truth? And I got there and always found a hotel or place to stay.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And unknown to the [Billy Graham Evangelistic] team, not letting them didn't bother the team, anybody. But they would see me.

FERM: Uh huh, uh huh.

GOODE: And its the funny part, but Bev Shea would always say, "Now, where are you staying?" [Ferm laughs] And when I was going to London "You'll never make it because you're so late now. It's two weeks until the meeting starts and you haven't even gotten your ticket and made any reservation for hotel." And I said, "If God wants me to go, there'll be a hotel there." And you know what it turned up to be, I had a hotel. The name of...the Court, it was new Earl's...Earl's Court Hotel and was just three minutes walk from...

FERM: From Earl's Court [where the 1955 crusade was held.]

GOODE: That was a miracle I had that one time. It was God.

FERM: Yes. I...

GOODE: I give Him the glory.

FERM: I...We were in London, you know, for two years...

GOODE: Oh, really.

FERM: ...and I am sorry...but I am sorry I didn't know you were there during those days. I would have loved to have communicated.

GOODE: Well, I didn't see anybody. I prayed most of the time.

FERM: Yes.

GOODE: And my daughter she had been over there, but she thought, why, how ridiculous I didn't run out and go to the city. Well I didn't go there to see the city.

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: It didn't charm me...

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: the work of the Lord.

FERM: That's right. We'll have a heavenly city one day. That's what we're living for, aren't we? Well, I don't know, it looks to me that very shortly this tape is going to run out so perhaps we should conclude but...

GOODE: okay.

FERM: ...I want to say thank you so much and...and...and I hope you continue to have many more opportunities to be at Crusades.

GOODE: Well, you see, when I go home, I go right on back into my prayer life and just keep it up, day in and day out. And many times in the night hours, two or three hours, Billy Graham...

FERM: Uh huh.

GOODE: ...and his team.

FERM: uh huh.

GOODE: I follow him. If he's way over across the ocean, in Tokyo, I get the time from the Star News, Tokyo or Germany.

FERM: So you know the time of the day he's coming on.

GOODE: Yes, I'm in prayer right while he's preaching, before he preaches and all the time. Same way as if I'm here.

FERM: So even though you are home and he's somewhere else you still are holding him before the throne of grace.

GOODE: Oh, always, always, because I'd be...oh, I'd be afraid not to because this is my work just the same as Billy Graham.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: But mine's a hidden ministry.

FERM: That's right. Yours is a vocation in itself.

GOODE: A hidden ministry.

FERM: That's right.

GOODE: And God knows it. [words unclear]

FERM: And you have to be true to that just as Billy has to be true to his ministry.

GOODE: Oh, yes!

FERM: Well, I am going to say thank you so much...

GOODE: Thank you, dear.

FERM: ...and I appreciate your giving me this time. Thank you.


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