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Robert Ferm's Letters from the 1954 Billy Graham Greater London Crusade

Click for Ferm's letter dated March 13, 1954, describing his tranAtlantic flight and first days in London.

Click for Ferm's letter dated March 23, 1954, describing his work for the campaign and his visit to the ancient church of St. Albans.

Click for Ferm's letter dated March 27, 1954, describing his visit to evangelist John Wesley's eighteenth century Chapel.

Click for Ferm's letter postmarked April 5, 1954, describing the effects of the evangelistic campaign.

Click for Ferm's letter dated April 18, 1954, describing his upcoming trip to Europe to help lay the ground work for BGEA meetings there later in the summer.

Click for an article in The Houghton Star, the Houghton college newspaper, describing Ferm's trip to Europe. February 26, 1954.

Click for the bulletin from Ferm's home church in Houghton, containing a report on the evangelistic campaign in London. April 4, 1954

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