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Audio Recordings
September 27, 1959. Evangelistic service on Centennial Field. Dedication of Centennial Gymnasium by V. Raymond Edman, comments by Paul Randall and Harold Anderson, singing led by Cliff barrows, Scripture reading by Grady Wilson, prayer by Evan Welch, “How Great Thou Art” sung by George Beverly Shea and accompanied by Don Hustad on the organ and Tedd Smith on the piano, announcement by Edman. Prayer, piano music by Tedd Smith, announcements by Barrows, “The Lord’s Prayer,” sung by the choir, song by Shea, comments by Edman, sermon by Graham based on Acts 17:30, “If This Were the Last Sermon I Would Ever preach.” Begins with comments about his student days at Wheaton. alter call, prayer with and instruction of inquirers by Graham, prayer by Rev. Richard E. Winkler. From Collection 26, Audio recordings T631 through T633. Brief parts of the service were lost when reels where changed on the tape recorder that was recording the service. 122 minutes. Collection 26, Tape T630 through T633
September 28, 1959. George Beverly Shea sings “He is So precious to Me,” Testimony by Henderson Belk, sermon by Graham on Regeneration and Rebirth (John 2:23) Cliff Barrows leads signing of “Just As I Am,” alter calls, prayer by Graham. Recording ends in the midst of the prayer. 62 minutes. Collection 26, Tapes T634 and T635
September 29, 1959. Welcome and leading of singing by Cliff Barrows, Scripture reading by leighton Ford (John 20), prayer by Alan Redpath, George Beverly Shea sings “Just to Think God Loves Me,” testimony by Victor Managram of Youth for Christ-India, Shea and choir sing “How Great Thou Art,” announcement by Edman. Shea sings “All I Want is Jesus,” Sermon by Graham on Exodus 20:7, alter call, Graham instructs and prays with inquirers. Recording stops in the midst of his instructions. 95 minutes. Collection 26, Tapes T635, T636, T637
September 30 , 1959. . Song by Shea, Graham talks about the Amplified Bible, Graham preaches on I Corinthians I on the truth and wisdom of the cross. Alter call. 94 minutes. Collection 26, Tapes T639, T640, T641
October 1, 1959. Welcome by Barrows, scripture reading by Carl Armerding (Ecclesiastes 12), prayer by Leighton Ford, duet by Shea and Barrows, “That Old Time Religion,” announcements by Barrows, Shea and choir sing, “How Great Thou Art,”, Edman discusses the upcoming Laymen’s Conference and the Amplified Bible, prayer by Herbert Randolph, introduction of Alumni of the Year Theodore Epp, Shea sings, “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” Graham preaches a sermon for young people from Mark 10, alter call, Graham prays with and instructs inquirer. Tape stops in the midst of his instructions. 124 minutes. Collection 26, Tapes T642, T643, T644, T645.
October 2, 1959. Barrows leads crowd in singing, scripture reading by Kenneth Kanzer (Ephesians 4), prayer by Joseph Blinco, choir sings, “Who Can Cheer the Heart Like Jesus?”, Shea sings, “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” announcements by Edman, prayer by Donald J. McCain[?], announcements by Edman and Barrows, Barrows announces that the field the meeting is being held on will be renamed Graham Field, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” played by Don Hustad on the organ, Lucian Croff [?] talks about the ushers, Graham talked to the ushers, Shea sings “Sweeter Than All,” Graham preached from Luke 14 about the common spiritual needs of all humanity, alter call, Graham prays with and instructs inquirers. 126 minutes. Collection 26, T646, T647, T648, T649.
October 4, 1959. Welcome from Barrows, hymns, scripture reading by Charles Ferguson Ball (John 3), prayer by Grady Wilson, “Jerusalem,” sung by Shea, announcement by Barrows, Shea and choir sing “How Great Thou Art,” announcements by Edman, comments by Graham about the Hour of Decision radio program, Edman introduces Henry Dykema [?] who prays for offering, Cliff Barrows leads crowd in singing and introduced people involved in the music of the crusade, song by Shea, Graham preaches on Matthew 26, The Passion of Christ, alter call, Graham and Barrows pray with and instruction inquirers, benediction by Edman. Collection 26, Tapes T50, T51, T52.

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