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[Brief biography of Billy Graham, pastor. from the May1944 issue of Songs in the Night, the newsletter of the Village Church of Western Springs, Illinois]


Under a Carolina moon that shone a few days before the last Armistice, William Graham came into the world. It was 1918. And at the age of 25, the voice and personality of the pastor of The Village Church are familiar and beloved by thousands. Pulpit and radio appearances have made the name of Billy Graham synonymous with sound, fundamental presentations from the Word of God.

Billy Graham is a popular speaker for youth rallies and his travels have taken him to many states where he has presented the simple gospel message with zeal and a burden for souls without Christ.

While in school he played baseball on teams in Charlotte, N. Carolina before entering Florida Bible Institute, Tampa, where he also served as the associate pastor in one of the large churches of that city. Billy Graham is a graduate of Wheaton College and prior to his present pastorate, served the Wheaton Tabernacle. In his senior year at Wheaton, he was president of the student Christian Council.

Since July of last year, Billy Graham has been pastor of The Village Church. During the few months which have passed, the church has caught a new vision and big things are being done to further the story of salvation.

Pastor Graham was married last August to the former Ruth Bell, whose parents were missionaries to China . . . her father being the chief surgeon in one of the largest hospitals in that country. You can be sure that the Lord is richly blessing the ministry of Pastor Graham in “the friendly Village Church in the pleasant village of Western Springs.”

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