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[by Rev. Wm. Graham, pastor from the February 1945 issue of Songs in the Night, the newsletter of the Village Church of Western Springs, Illinois]

Anthropologists tell us that there has never been found a people in space or time no matter how remote that did not believe in the hereafter. There seems to be a universal longing in man’s heart for eternity. God has not left us to wander aimlessly or to search vainly concerning the future. There lies a ray of light shed upon tomorrow in the universal longing of the human soul for eternity, and that light is God’s Word. Death is no intruder. He does not fit into our scheme of things. Whenever or however he comes, he does violence to our thinking and shocks our emotions. Within us lie aspirations and hopes which death violates and mocks. Love, for example, does not cease with death, its ties are eternal.

A man paused to observe a lad sitting upon a knoll with both hands extended upward holding a line. “What are you doing here, son?” he inquired. “I am flying my kite,” was the quick reply. “Flying your kite! Where is it?” the man asked looking upward into the gray, clouded sky. “I can’t see any kite and neither can you.” “I know sir,” replied the boy, “I can’t see it, but I know it’s there because I feel the tug of the strings in my hand.”

Just so, we feel the tug in our hearts for eternity! Yes, the tug of our heart is strong . . . but not strong enough to give us certainty. It does not shed enough light on tomorrow. Thousands have wept without hope and’ are weeping now.

The materialist looking into the night has said, “There is nothing out there but black oblivion.” The agnostic has shrugged his shoulders and ‘concluded, “We ca never know.” The sentimentalist has sighed, “I hope there is something there.” But the Christian, standing at the threshold with his eyes upon the living Christ, shouts exultantly with glory in His soul, “I see’ beyond the window the gleaming portals of heaven and the Throne of God!”

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