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"The Cross Conquers" Ca. 1916

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Printed on the back

"S. James', New Bury

Tune 595 A. & M.

Heavenly Father, guard the sailors
Far across the sea;
Make them brave and keep them always
Near to Thee.

Take the soldiers in Thy keeping
As they march along;
And in camp and field and battle
Make them strong.

M ay the lonely and the sick, and wounded
Ever near Thee feel,
Give the nurses skill to comfort
And to heal.

Bless the mothers and their children
In the homes they keep;
Give them daily bread and shelter;
Guard their sleep.

Grant our King and all his Council
Wisdom, skill, and might;
Strength to strive for truth and honour
And for right.

Jesus, Saviour, hear our prayer,
" Make the war to cease " ;
Holy Spirit, teach us Love-and
Give us peace. Amen. "

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