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"The City's Glamour" N. D.

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On the back of the card:

"The City's Glamour

The bright lights of the city cast heavy shadows in which are found bad housing conditions, poverty, low wages, discontent, son and shame. As the cities of America have grown in size the Church of jesus Christ has failed to meet the increasing needs. And to-day it is challenged to demonstrate the practicality of its message to the lives of the multitudes who merely exist. Great community churches which minister to every need, preachers with a message for today and every form of Christian service are needed. Will the Church arise and meet the challenge? It depends on you.

Gifts of $500 to $10,000 are needed.

For full information write to the Board of Home Missions and Church Extension of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

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