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Christmas Post Card


From Collection 625, Box 3, Folder 1

From Collection 625, Box 3, Folder 1

Dear Mamma

Received card & M [money?] I suppose it would be best to pay up everything which I owe at the end of this term. The room rent only two dollars. The dentist bill one and a half. I guess we can do as we please concerning bookroom bill. Ruby says she believes it is cheaper to settle up at end of spring term for the whole year but I don't see how. You know of course which place you can, the more easily [unclear] spare the most. The banquet comes next spring. But do as you think best I don't care. Send am't [amount] by immediate mail in P.M. as I'll get it by Fri if you can. The bookroom bill is close to four dollars. Sorry about grandma.

With love Bertha

Send letter & Xmas card to Aunt Ella this week.


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