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A Moody Scrapbook of Urban Ministry

Here are some links to pages from a 1915-1916 scrappbook that includes documents, cards, sermons, advertisements and other memrobilia from a six month evangelistic campaign organized by Mooy Church, under the leadership of pastor Paul Rader, to reach the people of Chicago. The campaign, from November 1915 through May 1916, included a sermon in downtown Chicago at noon during the week and services at the newly built Moody Tabernacle every evening, with many other special events. The scrapbooks is labeled as Photo Album XI in Collection 330.
The Opening of the Tabernacle
Instructions for Counselors
A Page of Advertising Cards
Newspaper Sermons
Another Page of Advertising Cards
Use of Current Events
A calendar
"Parson's Punch Floors Veteran Wizard of the Ring"
Flowers and Butterflies

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