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Moody Church Dedication Program - Intro

What is now known as Moody Memorial Church of Chicago grew out of a Sunday S chool class for street kids started by D. L. Moody before the Civil War. It was organized as a church in 1864 and had a variety of buildings (including one destroyed in the Chicago fire) before moving into a builiding on Chicago Avenue in 1873. The congregation, now know as the Chicago Avenue Church, stayed there for several decades until they outgrew the building. In 1924, building of a new church began on a site at the corner of North and Clark Street. Work was completed in 1925. The building was dedicated on November 8, 1925. For eighty years, the church has continued in the same building. It is has alway been not only a Chicago landmark, but an influencial instituions in the American Protestant Fundamentalist and Evangelical movements.

On this page are links to the program for the November 8 dedication service, which contains, besides the history of the church to that point, infomration on is outreach to the city.

Inside Front Cover

Title Page

Life of D. L. Moody

Pastor Philpott's Ministry

Service of Dedication. [Page 4] [Page 5] [Page 6] [Page 7] [Page 8] [Page 9]

Brief History of Moody Church [Page 10] [Page 11] [Page 12]

Interesting Information About the Church. [Page 13] [Page 14] [Page 15] [Page 16]

Sunday School of the Moody Church

Executive Committee of the Moody Church

Architects and Contractors

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

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The program is from Folder 8 of Box 53 of Collection 330, the Records of Moody Church. To go to the guide to this collection, click
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