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Lausanne II
The Second International Congress on World Evangelization
Manila, Philippines
July 11-20, 1989

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First Draft of the Manila Manifesto

This (along with a cover memo by John Stott) is a copy of the first draft of what was intended to be the concluding document of the congress. It was prepared before the congress by a committee led by Rev. John Stott and then distributed to the congress participants for their comments. The committee used these comments to produce the much-revised final version. This copy of the first draft is from the files of the Thomas Wang, international director of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. It can be found in Collection 46, Box 220, Folder 6. The extra pages in this copy of the first draft and the handwritten comments (and the ink splotches) were added by persons unknown

Some of the participant comments, sent in by groups instead of individuals, can be found in BGC Archives Collection 590, Box 5, Folder 3. The same folder contains many other documents about the drafting of the Manifesto.

For the Manifesto in its final form, go to the online version at the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization website.




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