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Christmas in Korea - 1952


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Preaching to GIs in the only theater in Pusan
Greeting soldiers after the service
Graham preaching at one of several open air meetings he lead for Korean civilians in Pusan. Bob Pierce is seated to Graham's right.
Meeting with the chaplains in Pusan
Visit by Graham to an orphanage in Taegu
Graham preaching at the Young Pak Presbyterian Church in Seoul. To his right is Rev. Kyung Chik Han, who was pastor of the church and served as Graham's translator throughout his visit to Korea.
Scene from the December 21 radio broadcast of the Hour of Decision from Seoul, in which several GIs gave their testimonies.
Visit by Graham to the Oriental Missionary Society Seminary in Pusan
Posing with a Marine in front of a painting of Jesus Christ
Speaking to soldiers near the Punchbowl, site of a major battle in 1951
Visit with Syngman Rhee, president of the Republic of Korea
Visiting a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) near the front lines
Preaching with a bar as a pulpit
One of the Christmas Day services at the front
Meeting Major John Eisenhower (son of President-elect Dwight David Eisenhower) after the last Christmas Day service
Posing for photos
Greeting a soldier
Christmas dinner

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