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Christmas in Korea - 1952


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Posing with a Marine in front of a painting of Jesus Christ
"However the most impressive part of their preparations was a picture one of the men had painted. He was stationed in a front-line trench in a sector almost 40 miles along the front from this headquarters, but under the cover of darkness several of the men had loaded this large picture onto a jeep and brought it to use on the platform for the service. The picture was actually more than six feet high and showed Jesus watching over a marine who had dropped his head on his arms for a little rest as he sits amid the rocks and mud of the front. I have preached on hundreds of platforms in auditoriums and stadiums in America and overseas but never have I felt less worthy of stepping onto a platform than this one, built crudely perhaps, but by fighting men who made it a labor of love, and who had used everything at their disposal to make it the best platform possible."
From I Saw Your Sons at War/The Korean Diary of Billy Graham



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