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Christmas in Korea - 1952


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Graham preaching at the Young Pak Presbyterian Church in Seoul. To his right is Dr. Kyung-Chik Han, who was founder and pastor of the church and served as Graham's translator throughout his visit to Korea. In later years, both Graham and Han would be recipients, in different years, of the Templeton Prize.

"The Young Nak Church (or the Refugee Church as it is known) is more than a building, it is a monument to the courage and faith of the Korean Christians. Under the leadership of Dr. Han it was built in 1949 and 1950 almost entirely by the hand labor of men, women and children who worked with baskets, picks and shovels to level the ground and raise the church. A massive structure of gray, native granite, it has been built to last for centuries, if it can withstand the wrath of man, a big 'if' in Korea."
From I Saw Your Sons at War/The Korean Diary of Billy Graham



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