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March 1953

"Evangelist on the Battle Front" Bob Pierce's magazine article about the trip

Below is a small sampling of stories about Graham's trip that appeared in newspapers in the United States. The articles are dated where possible by the date that appears in the story, rather than the date of publication, which might be slightly later. These clippings were gathered and put in scrapbooks by a professional clipping service, which would list with each article the newspapers in which it appeared.

Date of Newspaper Clipping


November 24, 1952

Billy Graham Plans Trip to Korea Front

December 2, 1952

Graham Still Plans Trip to Orient

December 2, 1952

Graham Gets OK for Trip

December 5, 1952

Billy Graham, Evangelist, on Way to Korea

December 8, 1952

Billy Graham Enplanes For Korea After Hawaii Sermon

December 16, 1952

Billy Graham in Korea Calls on Men in Hospitals

December 16, 1952

Billy Graham Is Busy In Korea

December 17, 1952

Graham Pleased By Non-Segregation

December 18, 1952

Pusan Buildings Catch Fire as Billy Graham Preaches

December 20, 1952

Billy Graham Finds Real Christmas Among Korea's War Stricken Multitudes

December 20, 1952

Evangelist Puts Rockford GI on Radio

December 20, 1952

Koreans Brave Cold To Hear Billy Graham

December 22, 1952

2 Billy Graham Preach Side By Side At Church In Korea

December 22, 1952

Billy Graham Visits Hospital Ship, Prays for Wounded GI

December 24, 1952

Billy Graham at Korea Front For Christmas Eve Services

December 25, 1952

Millions at Home Are Praying For You, Billy Graham Tells GIs in Korea

December 28, 1952

Graham Cancels World Tour to Ask Ike of 'Sunday Punch' of Prayer for Korea

December 30, 1952

Billy Graham Writes Local Couple of Korea Conditions

December 31, 1952

Graham Aids G.I.'s

January 2, 1953

Billy Graham Spends Christmas Eve On Central Front

January 9, 1953

Billy Graham Says Bibles Replace Pinups on Front

January 9, 1953

Billy Graham Back From Korea; Had 'Greatest Christmas'

January 10, 1953

Billy Graham Flies Home; Saw No Sign of Spree in Korea

January 10, 1953

Only Prayer Can Win War, Graham Asserts at Dallas

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