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Christmas in Korea - 1952

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Hour of Decision Radio programs

December 21, 1952

The introduction by Cliff Barrows and the music by George Beverly Shea and the choir were recorded in the United States. The portion with Billy Graham was broadcast from Seoul, Korea. The sound quality of the Seoul portion of the program is poor.

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29 1/2 minutes

Introduction by Cliff Barrows

72 seconds

Joy to the World - Hour of Decision Choir

83 seconds

Greeting from George Beverly Shea, followed by O Little Town of Bethlehem

2 1/2 minutes

Scripture reading of Luke 2: 8-11 by Cliff Barrows, followed by Silent Night, sung by George Beverly Shea and the choir

2 1/2 minutes

Introduction of the Korean segment by Billy Graham, followed by a report from Bob Pierce on the trip to that point

4 minutes, 34 seconds

Testimonies from several American soldiers, introduced by Billy Graham. They are followed by a testimony from Ray Provost, a missionary to Korea

6 minutes, 22 seconds

Comments by Grady Wilson, followed by prayer

108 seconds

Greetings from David Morken of Youth for Christ and Chaplain Harold Voelkel

84 seconds

Report by Graham on the suffering of Korea, the ministry of the Christian church, and the Christians in the American armed forces

6 minutes, 10 seconds

Conclusion by Cliff Barrows

92 seconds


January 18, 1953 (Selections)

Introduction by Cliff Barrows, followed by Graham's introductory comments

2 minutes, 24 seconds

Graham's report on his Christmas trip to Korea and his meeting with president-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, introduced by Cliff Barrows

16 minutes, 25 seconds

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