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Isobel Kuhn - Photos

Graduation from the University of British Columbia with honors in English language and literature. 1922
On the day of her graduation from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, USA, where she was valedictorian. 1926.
Isobel's caption reads, "Preaching to Lisu." No date.
Isobel's caption reads, "1. La-fu-chu 2. Pu-gia-me 3. Ho-may" The three were probably leaders in local Christian churches who came to the CIM mission station at Luku in Yunnan province to attend Bible school. April 1935.
Isobel's caption reads, "Lisu Christians in John Kuhn's parish." A caption in another hand reads, "Gwan Bao Service Leader of Deer Pool Village 2. Ho-fu-sah-pa Service leader of Border Village." The service leader led the worship services in a village church. This photo was attached to her letter of August 16, 1935
At a missionary conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA which she and John attended during a furlough. Isobel is second from the left in the seated row, John is directly behind her. 1937.
Four Lisu women. No date.
Isobel in Lisu dress. No date.
Isobel and John Kuhn. No date, ca. early 1950s.



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