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Club Time Radio Program

Listed below are a selection of the Club Time broadcasts in the Archives from Collection 20, the Papers of Herbert J. Taylor. Click on the date to listen to the audio file. Each program is approximately 15 minutes long. Many of the the recordings are from transcription disks which are in poor to fair condition, so the quality of the recordings vary.

Phonograph #



P1 June 19, 1944 No favorite hymn. The phonograph record is badly scratched, so that the recording is defective. The first hymn sung on the program was "The Old Rugged Cross"
P2 October 27, 1945 No favorite hymn. Shea and the Singers performed, among other songs, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."
P3 November 3, 1945 No favorite hymn. Hymns sung include "Wonderful Words of Life,"and "Come We Who Love the Lord, Let Our Joys Be Known."
P20 May 5, 1947 Favorite hymn: George C. Marshall, United States Secretary of State. "Nearer My God to Thee"
P25 October 7, 1947 Favorite hymn: William O. Douglas, Justice of the United States Supreme Court. "Lead Kindly Light."
P26 November 4, 1947 Favorite hymn: Joseph W. Frazer, President of The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. "Once to Every Man and Nation"
P36 October 5, 1948 Favorite hymn: Babe Ruth, legendary baseball player. "God is Ever Beside Me"
P61 October 19, 1950 Favorite hymn: Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States. "how Firm a Foundation"
P65 March 24, 1951 Favorite hymn: Arthur H. Compton, scientist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." Also on program, "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?"
P84 December 5, 1953 Favorite hymn: Mary Margaret McBride, radio personality and newspaper columnist. "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere"



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