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1905 World Tour - India - March 1905

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Collection 330, Box 71, Folder 3

Walter Erdman's message reads: "Dosen't he look happy? The elephant, that is. Observe his pleased smile. He is a well fed elephant, this Hathi. ALSO - one has the permission of all the victims involved to place the irreverant title beneath the picture which there appears. My lady is feeding Hathi with Huntley and Palmer biscuits as a reward for patience and forbearance[?] on a hot day over a blazing white road to the deserted city of Aniber [?, perhaps he means the Indian emperor Akbar and his deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri] in Rajputana, India. I also would have been in the picture but fortunately was behind the camera instead! March 1905. W.C.E."
The picture is captioned, "Belle and Bill."

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