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World Congress on Evangelism, 1966
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From Photo File: World Congress on Evangelism, 1966
Official caption: "(BERLIN) -- Gitka M. Komi and Yaeti Kimo (left to right), holding blow guns and poison darts, are shown talking to Miss Rachel Saint of the Wycliffe Bible Translators. They are near their village on the Tiwaeno River in the Ecuador jungle. Komi and Kimo are Auca Indians who have been converted to Christianity after five missionaries were martyred by their tribe more than a decade ago. Miss Saint, whose brother was one of the missionaries killed, along with Komi and Kimo will attend the World Congress on Evangelism October 26 - November 4 in the Kongresshalle, Berlin, Germany. it will be the first visit to modern civilivation. Detailed story provided on request."
Other information: The proper name of the tribe in English is Wuaorani.


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