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Policy on Digitizing by Patrons

The BGC Archives and Wheaton College Archives & Special Collections (hereafter referred to as The Archives) will generally permit use of digital cameras, scanners and other approved technologies (hereafter referred to as image capturing devices or ICDs) in the Manuscript Reading Room as surrogates for photocopying. The Archives reserve the right to deny the privilege to digitize their documents. ICDs may be used under the following conditions:

     1.        Researchers sign the Manuscripts Reading Room registration form (which includes a paragraph on Digitizing Policy), thereby accepting full liability for subsequent use of digital photographs and other documents they take and releasing Wheaton College, Billy Graham Center, or the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of any liability for that subsequent use.

     2.        The Archives license copying for personal use only. Researchers agree that copies will not be reproduced, sold or distributed to other individuals or repositories. If any other use is intended (publication or other reproduction), other rules apply and the researcher must consult with staff of The Archives about these. In signing this form they agree that their use of the images is for personal research and study use only.

     3.        In order to preserve the order of documents and maintain other security concerns, researchers will use The Archives template, are required to have the template appear in each image and take single page copies (“one-up”).

     4.        The Archives staff reserve the right to view images taken to confirm that the researcher has complied with this requirement.

     5.        Researchers may use the copystand provided by the Archives.

     6.        Researchers will not use their camera flash in their copying.

     7.        Copying restrictions that apply to any collection will remain in force, whether the copying is done with the photocopier or ICD (e.g., since all BGEA collections require BGEA authorization before being copied, this restriction is extended to include digital copying along with photocopying).

     8.        This policy and equipment use will be limited to Manuscript Reading Room patrons.

     9.        All other use of digitized copies is subject to the loan use policy and fees.

     10.      Mishandling or reordering of folders or their contents is cause for withdrawal of this privilege.

     11.      Researcher registration for this privilege is valid for one calendar year.

[revised February 13, 2007]

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Last Revised: 2/13/07
Expiration: indefinite

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