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From PHOTO FILE:  Dain, Arthur Jack

In Memory of
Bishop Arthur John "Jack" Dain, 1912-2003

On Monday, March 3, 2003, Bishop Arthur John Dain passed away. Dain was recognized as an international Evangelical figure and contributor to the cause of world evangelization. The BGC Archives is privileged to have in its collections much that helps tell the story of Bishop Dain's life and ministry. However, our holdings tell only a small part of his story, containing little about his work as a missionary in India or his many decades of leadership of the Anglican church in Australia. What the Archives collections do highlight is his international leadership in efforts between Christians to witness to the gospel and bring souls to Christ. Among the most prominent of these are...
  • his work with World Evangelical Fellowship
  • his involvement and leadership in various evangelism efforts such as Billy Graham's Australian evangelistic meetings and the 1968 Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism
  • and above all his work as chairman of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization and with the subsequently formed Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.
Featured below, arranged chronologically, are a sampling of documents which represent his passion and various efforts to serve and love his Lord Jesus Christ.

From PHOTO FILE: Dain, Arthur Jack Dain and his wife Edith Dain in India (1954), where they were missionaries. Edith died in 1985.

Read a transcribed excerpt of an oral history interview with Dain, in which he tells in his own words about his coming to faith in Christ, his missionary work, service in the military, and first meeting Billy Graham in 1953.

The letter below is from Dain in 1959 to Fred Ferris of the National Association of Evangelicals' Commission on International Relations. Dain is writing from London upon completing his responsibilities with World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) and prior to his relocation to Australia that same year. Notice especially the third paragraph of the routine letter, which captures Dain's determination to encourage and facilitate international relations among Evangelicals, a theme which recurred throughout his life. Also read a 1974 letter Dain wrote shortly after the Lausanne Congress to WEF's Waldron Scott, where Dain labors to forge a cooperative working relationship between WEF and the newly emerging Lausanne movement.

From Collection 338, box 24, folder 4

PHOTO FILE:  BGEA: Sydney Crusade, 1968
Dain (center) with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association staff Robert Ferm (left) and Fred J. Nile (right) during the BGEA's 1968 Sydney Crusade, for which Dain was vice-chairman. Dain was also involved in the BGEA's 1979 crusade in Sydney, illustrated by his reply about accomodating the needs of disabled persons who would attend the evangelistic meetings.

From PHOTO FILE: Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism, 1968
Executive Committee and staff of the Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism at the time of their planning meeting on March 12, 1968, in Singapore. (The Congress was held later that year in Singapore, November 5-13). Left to right: Wu Yung of the Republic of China, K. David Mack of Australia, Rev. Max. D. Atienza of the Philippines, Dr. Akira Hatori of Japan, Dain, Bishop Onofre Fonceca of the Philippines, Dr. Kyung Chik Han of South Korea, Rt. Rev. Dr. Chandu Ray of Pakistan, Rev. Philip Teng of Hong Kong, Rev. Peter Hsieh of Singapore, Nene Ramientos of the Philippines.

From Collection 53, Records of the International Congress on World Evangelization, audio tape T176

Listen to an excerpt of Dain's welcoming comments to the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland. (5.5 minutes) Read an accompanying transcript of these remarks.

From PHOTO FILE: International Congress on World Evangelization, 1974
  Dain and Billy Graham signing the Lausanne Covenant, 1974. This ceremony was one of the final acts of the Lausanne Congress. Read a transcribed excerpt of an oral history interview three years earlier with Dain where he dreams about a consultation which could ignite a renewed biblical emphasis on evangelism in the worldwide church. Read Thomas Wang's recollection of this moment.  

Photo courtesy of Leighton Ford
Dain and his wife, Hester

Read a short biographical sketch for some futher information on Dain's ministry activities.

A page of memories of Bishop Dain is now available, including the obituary prepared for the family by John Reid, Dain's long-time friend and fellow bishop in the Sydney Diocese in Australia. If you would like to contribute your recollections of Bishop Dain to the Archives record, send them to us by e-mail. The Archives reserves the right to select from those memories to include on its page, but only those including contact information with full name, address and phone, will be considered.

You can also browse our searchable online database by entering "dain" [no quotes] in the query box to find collections with documents by or about Bishop Dain.

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