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Waisenhaus note

This note can be found in Collection 215, the United States Home Council of the overseas Missionary Fellowship, Box 2, Folder 13.

The Archives is indebted for this translation to Mrs. Cindy Wu, of Singapore Bible College.

Front. The four characters in the round circle at the four corners of the front of the note mean "note of the Children's house." The three bigger characters (read from right to left) along the top mean "Children's House [orphanage]." The smaller characters at the right side of it mean "Hunan," the characters at the left side mean "Zhi Jiang." The five characters in the oval at the center of the note mean "one hundred copper cash coins." The small characters along the left side of the front mean "Republic of China/ year/month/note," those along the right side mean "registered number."

Back. The four small characters in the round circle at the four corners of the note mean "one hundred cash coins exact."

The paragraph is translated sentence by sentence as follows:

"During the tenth year of the Republic of China [AD 1921], Zhi-Jiang county was suffering from a severe draught. Many children were among the victims. Greatly sorrowed for the children, the Director of the Children's House therefore telegraphed the philanthropists in both Europe and the United States, pleading them to rescue the children victims through financial support. The request received quick responses. Thus, about two hundred children in Zhi-Ma and Huang-jin areas were adopted to the Children's House. The children were taught in academic subjects and technologies (programs include elementary school, preparatory school, andtraining courses in weaving, sock-making, tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, towel-making etc.) In the past four years, this excellent approach and its achievement have been applauded by the natives of Zhi-Jiang. Now we are committed ever more to expand the program so that the children would be able to become fully self sufficient after graduation. This is truly the aspiration of the Director of this Children's House. ---By the Children's House"

The three character at the top left of this note mean "Place to exchange." The six larger characters along the left side of this note mean "She-dong street Pharmacy." The small characters at the bottom mean "Printed by Hui-Yuan Book Shop, North Street, Zhi-Jiang."
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