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March 2013: The Story of a Nail

Storytelling has long been used as a tool for evangelism. After all, Jesus spoke in parables to spread the Gospel. While not a parable, The Story of a Nail offers a message of God's goodness and provision as told through narrative and illustrations. The pamphlet presents the story of what happened to missionary Hubert Mitchell when, in 1937, he tried to witness to the people of Sumatra and found himself in need of a little divine help.

This story was originally told over the radio on by Dr. Bob Pierce, the founder of both Samaritan's Purse and World Vision, and was later put into print. The undated pamphlet was distributed along with eight illustrated panels, each depicting a different moment from the narrative. Throughout the text, cues are given to switch to a particular illustration for what the pamphlet calls a "'flash card' method of telling a story." (The accompanying booklet is in error when it states on the first interior page that Sumatra is "300 miles due east of Borneo." Sumatra is west rather than east of Borneo.)

For more information on this item, see Collection SC113 — The Story of a Nail Curriculum Kit. For the plain text, click here. To read the The Story of a Nail and view the illustrations online, click here.

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