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January 2012 : From the Old Year to the New, All must go.

From Photo File: Kuhn, Isobel and John

The bulletin board this month highlights the Christmas and New Years greetings of John and Isobel Kuhn who were missionaries with China Inland Mission (now Overseas Missionary Fellowship). They worked with the Lisu people of China and Thailand for more than twenty-five years. Their prayer letter of 1955 reminded supporters of the passing of time and the need to continue to pray for the work they were doing.

The Archives has a small collection of Kuhn materials which consist of articles, correspondence, newsletters, and photographs. For more information about the Kuhn's see the guide to Collection 435 - Ephemera of Isobel Miller Kuhn .

Isobel & John Kuhn  
From Collection 435, Box 1, Folder 2
Top photo: John Kuhn (left). Bottom photo: Isobel Kuhn with son David and daughter Kathryn
From Collection 435, Box 1, Folder 2


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