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August 2005: Go Where the People Are

North of England Crusade, Manchester, 1961
from Photo File: BGEA: North of England Crusade, Manchester, 1961

London, Mission '89, 1989
from Photo File: BGEA: Advertising

Among the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association records in the BGC Archives are thousands of photographs that document many different aspects of the BGEA's crusade evangelism, including the promotion leading up to the event. What is striking in the images featured here is not only the BGEA's use of this modern mass medium to encourage attendance at the crusade meetings, but also the variety of locations they occupied (like occupying the back or a bus or overlooking a busy street ) and the company they kept with advertisements for gasoline, sports, air travel and more. You can also see additional samples of crusade advertising that span four decades.

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