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November 2002: Evangelist Tom Skinner: "Offering a New Beginning"

from CN 430-1-6

Handbill advertising the Tom Skinner evangelistic campaign meetings St. Petersburg, Florida from October 28 through November 4, 1973 on the theme of "A New Beginning."
Tom Skinner (1942-1994) had a powerful influence as an evangelist who believed that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ could counteract racism in American society. In his lifetime, Skinner was transformed from the leader of one of Harlem's most violent gangs to perhaps America's most well-known African-American evangelist and chaplain of the Washington Redskins football team.

The Papers of Tom Skinner: Collection 430 document the life and ministry of the African-American evangelist.

from Photo File: Skinner, Tom
Tom Skinner animates his message at a Voice of Calvary Ministries event in Mississippi, n.d."
Throughout his ministry, Skinner challenged the white evangelical community to honestly engage issues of racism in its midst, while never forgetting the priority of evangelism regardless of skin color. Skinner's prominence as an evangelist and sports chaplain gave him the opportunity to bridge between the African-American and white evangelical communities. Included in the materials in this collection are two oral history interviews with Tom Skinner. Other items include articles, clippings, correspondence, newsletters, message manuscripts, photographs, brochures, and a ministry booklet relating to the life of Skinner and the work of Tom Skinner Associates.

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