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April 2000: BGEA Crusade Logos

Billy Graham crusades have a single goal: proclaiming the good news of God's love shown in Jesus Christ. However, there are thousands of arrangements and details and contacts which converge to achieve that goal. One of the common elements of the crusades is the logo created to give a unique visual identity to each event. This was especially true in Billy Graham's international crusades during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The logo was used in stationary, posters, banners, billboards, promotional material, and in commemorative cufflinks, pens and paperweights. Most depicted below somehow incorporate the cross into the design as well as some distinctive element like national colors, a city skyline or map outline. Those featured were taken from documents in Collection 17, the Records of the BGEA's International Ministries & North American Ministries.

Each of the logos pictured below has had the city or country name removed. See if you can you match the crusade from the following chronological list with its corresponding logo below. Click here or on any of the the logos for the answers and to see the version actually used.

  • Rio de Janeiro, 1974
  • Hong Kong, 1975
  • Republic of China (Taipei), 1975
  • Manila, 1977
  • Singapore, 1978
  • Sydney, 1979
  • Japan, 1980
  • Mission France, 1986
  • Mission 89 (Great Britain)
  • Berlin '90
  • Scotland '91
  • Moscow '92

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