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Select List of Manuscript Collections with Information about Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Prepared by the staff of the Billy Graham Center Archives

The staff compiled this list from published information, web sources, and personal contacts. The purpose was to put together as complete a list as possible of research institutions with materials relevant to the study of Billy Graham and the BGEA. We have not visited all or most of the institutions listed here and so can vouch only for the fact that they are on some venues reported as holding the described materials.

Since 1950, the BGEA has held evangelistic meetings in most large cities in the United States. Anyone interested in a crusade in a particular city might also try the metropolitan archives or historical society or public library for any relevant information in their files. See, as an example, the two entries below for Birmingham, Alabama.

The list does not include the many, many, many collections across the country that have one or two photos of Graham an a local event or with a local prominent citizen.

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Within the United States (arranged by state, then alphabetically by institution )






National Archives

The Online Public Access Page allow searching at several NA sites around the country. It is also helpful to contact individual sites likely to have material such as the Presidential Libraries. For someone like Billy Graham who has been a well-known public figure for several decades, there would be relevant documents in many sites.


Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Public Library. Department of Archives and Manuscripts

A file with correspondence, memos, maps and other material relating to Graham’s 1964 Easter rally in Birmingham, plus a vertical file of newspaper clippings.

Birmingham, Alabama

Stamford University Special Collections

Photographs and documents in several collections related to Graham, particularly the 1964 Easter Rally on Stamford campus in Birmingham.

Little Rock, Arkansas

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum


Berkeley, California

Bancroft Library, The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Papers of David Robinson.

San Francisco, California

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society

Papers of Robert G. DeSantis, includes correspondence with BGEA about prison ministry.

Pasadena, California

Fuller Theological Seminary - David Hubbard Archives

Collections of various people who had a close association with Graham, including Charles Fuller, Wilbur M. Smith, Paul Mickelson, the presidential papers of Harold John Ockenga, as well as archives of the board of trustees, on which Graham served. The Deans’ files includng planning minutes and othe materials from Graham’s 1950 Ester Sunrise Service and Evangelistic Rally in the Rose Bowl


Stanford, California

Hoover Institution Archives

Several collections with material by or about Graham, including the papers of Walter H. Judd, papers of Fred Rhodes.

Stanford, California

Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute

Correspondence between King and Graham.

Yorba Linda, California

Nixon Presidential Library and Museum


Simi Valley, California

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library


Pasadena California

US Center for World Mission, Ralph D. Winter Research Center

Correspondence with Graham in various collections, such as the Ralph Winter papers (including material about Winter’s participation in the 1974 Lausanne Congress)


or contact Dr. Greg Parsons:

Berkeley, California

University of California, Berkeley - Bancroft Library

Eldridge Cleaver papers.


Berkeley, California

University of California - Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archives

Home movies of Clifford Jersey include footage of Graham speaking at Moody Bible Institute.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Navigators Archives

Many documents throughout files about Graham’s involvement with the Navigators, an evangelistic organization that works with student leaders. The Navigators developed the original follow-up system for Graham’s evangelistic meetings.

Susan Fletcher, Navigators Historian

New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University - Divinity School Library

Alva I. Cox papers.

New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University - Sterling Library - Manuscripts and Archives

Records of the Yale University Chaplain’s office contains some records about Graham from his visit to the university in the 1980s. A few materials in the Robert Moses papers about the Billy Graham Pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair

Greenville, Delaware

Hagley Museum and Library

Pew Family Papers, Robert Dunlop Papers, Glenmede Trust Papers.

Washington, District of Columbia

George Washington University - Gelman Library - Special Collections Research Center

Walter E. Fauntroy papers, including material about the 1986 Washington, D.C. Crusade.

Washington, District of Columbia

Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs Division

Among other sources relevant to Graham includes the photo files of Look, U.S. News and World Report, and the New York World Telegraph and Sun, which contain many pictures of Graham throughout the years.

Washington, District of Columbia

Library of Congress - Manuscripts Division

A variety of collections with relevant information, such as the Henry R. Luce Papers and Reinhold Niebur Papers.

Orlando, Florida

Campus Crusade for Christ Archives

(CCC in the United States has been renamed Cru

A variety of materials relating to Graham, including photographs and film.

Contact archivist Dori Ryen


Trinity, Florida

Trinity College of Florida

Graham attended here when it was Florida Bible Institute. Archives contains yearbooks, photos and publications from Graham’s student days, as well as correspondence from his continuing association with the school.

Contact Kevin O'Farrell

Atlanta, Georgia

Emory University Archives

Several collections with information about Graham or the BGEA, including the Marshall Frady Papers and the Ralph McGill Papers.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Historical Society

Steve Oney papers.

Atlanta, Georgia

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum


Atlanta, Georgia

The King Library and Archives

Correspondence between Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham, as well as other documents about Graham.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago History Museum

Materials in Alice Heck’s papers about the 1962 Chicago Crusade; recording of Stud Terkel’s radio program for June 14, 1979 (no listening copy available); file in the records of the Chicago Sunday Evening Club.

Urbana, Illinois

Southern Illinois University - Morris Library, Special Collections

Christian Century Foundation Archives - Contains material about response to Graham from a liberal Christian perspective.

Western Springs, Illinois

Western Springs Baptist Church (also known as the Village Church)

The small, archives of this church contains clippings, programs, photos, newsletters and correspondence from Graham pastorate (1943-1945).

Western Springs, Illinois

Western Springs Historical Society

Excellent local historical society with photos, clippings, booklets and other material about Graham’s last pastorate (1943-1944) at the Western Springs Baptist Church (also known as the Village Church)

Wheaton, Illinois

Billy Graham Center Archives

Numerous collections of the records of the various department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, as well a many collections of papers and oral history interviews of people associated with Billy Graham.

Wheaton, Illinois

Marion E. Wade Center

Papers of Stella Aldwinckle includes drafts of articles on Billy Graham and Catholic-Evangelical tensions

Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections

[Note: This is a different department than the BGC Archives.] The College ARCSC contains material in many collections on Graham’s days as a student at Wheaton and on his continuing close relationship with the college, including his service on the board of trustees. Other collections are from people who were mentors or friends of Graham, such as V. Raymond Edman, Hudson Taylor Armerding, Kenneth Taylor.

Muncie, Indiana

Stoeckel Archives, Ball State University

MSS Collection 228: Leighton Ford Crusade. Material about Dr. George Jones’ service on the the 1981 BGEA Leighton Ford Crusade in the Muncie Area

Abilene, Kansas

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum


Lawrence, Kansas

University of Kansas - Kenneth Spencer Research Library

Benjamin Hibbs papers includes two sermons Graham preached at the White House during the Nixon administration.

Louisville, Kentucky

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - Archives and Special Collections

Several collections, including the Billy Graham Collection, consisting of material about Graham and his ministry, particularly the 1956 Louisville Crusade. Also included in collections is a 1959 film by Graham on theological education.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana State University - Hill Memorial Library - Special Collections

Donald Tabb interview.

Annapolis, Maryland

Maryland State Archives

 - Guide to Maryland Religious Organizations

Some photo albums from Graham’s 1981 meetings in Maryland.

Boston, Massachusetts

Congregational Library

Records of the Massachusetts Council of Churches contains a few items about Billy Graham.

Wenham, Massachusetts

Gordon College Archives

Variety of material about Graham, including material on his service on the college’s board of trustees.

Hamilton, Massachusetts

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary - Harold J. Ockenga Institute

Papers of Harold J. Ockenga,. Materials relate to the 1950 Billy Graham crusade in New England, Ockenga’s service on the BGEA board and his longtime friendship with Graham.

Interested researchers should contact the Seminary archivist, Robert McFadden:

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University Archives

Photograph Collections includes images of Graham’s visits to Harvard.

Boston, Massachusetts

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bentley Historical Library - University of Michigan

The Stanley S. Kresage Papers and the Earl Falwell Dodge Papers, among others.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum


Allendale, Michigan

Grand Valley State University - Special Collections and University Archives

Papers of William Nicholson, appointments secretary to President Gerald Ford.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota Clergy and Laity Concerned records, Curtis B. Akenson interview.

Oxford, Mississippi

University of Mississippi - Archives and Special Collections

Katallagete / James Y. Holloway Collection, James W. Silver Collection.

Springfield, Missouri

Flowers Pentecostal Heritage Collection

Numerous items related to Graham - audio recordings, photographs and other materials in several collections, including the paersof Thomas Zimmerman and Tommy Hicks

Independence, Missouri

Harry S. Truman Library & Museum


Springfield, Missouri

PCA Historical Center [Presbyterian Church of America]

Some materials on Graham’s ministry in various collections, particularly the papers of J. Oliver Buswell Jr., the papers of Sharon Kraemer.

Madison, New Jersey

General Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church

Files relating to Billy Graham evangelistic campaigns in several files.

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton Seminary Archives

Includes several collections of people associated with Graham including the Papers of Richard C. Halverson, a friend and the Papers of Carl McIntire, a leading Fundamentalist critic of Graham.

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University - Mudd Manuscript Library

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library files relating to John Foster Dulles.

New York, New York

Center for Jewish History

Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert Papers.

New York, New York

New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives Division

Small amounts about Graham in various collections, including the New York World’s Fair Corporation Records (1963-65) which has material on the Billy Graham Pavilion and a recording of a 1968 interview with Bob and Betty Lewis.

Albany, New York

State University of New York at Albany - Special Collections and Archives

Records of the Capital Area Council of Churches. Includes file on the 1990 Capital District Crusade.

Syracuse, New York

Syracuse University Archives

Correspondence with Graham in several collections, including the papers of Norman Vincent Peale, Ruth S. Peale, and Frank C. Luabach.

Boone, North Carolina

Appalachian State University Special Collections

L. Nelson Bell collection, David Reid Hodgin papers.

Durham, North Carolina

Duke University Archives

A few collections have Graham related materials, including the Terry Sanford papers. Researchers should also check the Media Services audio and visual recordings and the Radio Services recordings.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Southern Historical Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill

Several collections contain material about native son Graham, including among others the Charles Harvey Crutchfield Papers, the Frye Gaillard Papers, the Don Sturkey Photographic Materials, the John Johnston Parker Papers; the Hugh Morton Photographs and Films.

Charlotte, North Carolina

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Several collections of papers of North Carolinians who knew Graham and/or participated in one of his campaigns. The New South Voices contains oral history collections contain several interviews with people who knew Graham or were influenced by him.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Wake Forest University

Some collections of North Carolinians who had connections with Graham.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oral Roberts University Archives

Includes the papers of Oral Roberts.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pew Charitable Trusts Archives

Reports on projects that with which Graham was associated.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Presbyterian Historical Society

Papers of Edward Elson.

Greenville, South Carolina

Bob Jones University - Mack Library

The Fundamentalism File includes the papers of several leading Fundamentalists who were contemporaries of Graham.

Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson University Special Collections

Various collections, including the papers of Harry S. Dent, Sydney Crouch, and Senator Strom Thurmond.

Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia International University Archives

Material on 1950 evangelistic campaign Graham held in Columbia.

Fort Mills, South Carolina

SIM International Archives

Information on trips Graham made to visit SIM stations while he was in Africa and about his associate evangelist Howard Jones, who worked with radio station ELWA in Liberia.

Columbia, South Carolina

University of South Carolina - South Caroliniana Library

Wayne Freeman Papers.

Johnson City, Tennessee

East Tennessee State University - Archives of Appalachia

Papers of James H. Quillen and of Earl Hunt.

Nashville, Tennessee

Country Music Hall of Fame

Art Satherley interview includes information about Stuart Hamblen and Billy Graham.

Nashville, Tennessee

Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives

Numerous collections, including the Jesse M. Hedley papers, the Hershel H. Hobbs papers, the Paul Dekar papers, Edward W. Martin papers.

Waco, Texas

Baylor University Archives

Some collections with information on Graham, including the Robert Stanley Denny and Robert Jackson Robinson interviews.

Austin, Texas

Archives of the Episcopal Church

Correspondence with Graham in the papers of prominent Episcopal leaders Samuel Shoemaker and Helen Smith Shoemaker, photos in the Episcopal News Service Records, and a video on poverty alleviation in the Office of Government Relations records.

San Antonio, Texas

Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library

A collection on one folder about Graham’s meetings in San Antonio.

College Station, Texas

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum


Dallas, Texas

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum


Austin, Texas

LBJ Presidential Library


Houston, Texas

Rice University - Woodson Research Center

William Martin Religious Right Research Collection. Martin was a major biographer of Graham and this collections includes much of the material he gathered.

Austin, Texas

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Variety of collections, including the records of Governors George W. Bush and Allan Shivers, papers of Senator Daniel Price.

San Antonio, Texas

Trinity University Digital Archives

Scrapbook from the 1958 Billy Graham San Antonio rally.

Denton, Texas

University of North Texas - Archives and Rare Books

Interview of Natalya Schenck, Russian immigrant and translator for the BGEA.

Austin, Texas

University of Texas at Austin - Briscoe Center for American History

Various collections have material about Graham, including the Sam Rayburn Papers, the Bruce Roberts Photographic Archives.

Logan, Utah

Utah State University - Archives and Special Collections

J. Edward Decker papers.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty Baptist University Archives

Papers of Jerry Falwell and of the Moral Majority organization, among others.

Norfolk, Virgin

Old Dominion University - Special Collections

Papers of George C. Philips, co-chairman of the 1974 Tidewater Virginia Crusade.

Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Virginia Archives

Papers of Senator Harry S. Byrd.

Bellingham, Washington

Western Washington University - Center for Pacific Northwest Studies

Records of KVOS Channel 12, a Pacific Northwest television station, includes a 1965 program about evangelist Leighton Ford, an associate of Billy Graham.

Madison, Wisconsin

State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Some Graham related material in various collections, including the Bruce Barton papers, the Al Swartz papers, the William Finlator, the National Broadcasting Company records.

Laramie, Wyoming

American Heritage Center

Papers of Peter Martin, contain notes for an interview with Jerry Beaven about Billy Graham.

Outside of the United States

Melbourne Australia

Leon Morris Library, Ridley Missions and Ministry College

Correspondence, 1957-1960, between Graham and Rev. Stuart Babbage, Anglican dean of Melbourne, Australia, mostly concerning plans for Graham’s evangelistic meetings in Australia in 1959.

Leuven, Belgium

Evadoc, protestants-evangelisch archief- en documentatiecentrum

1 file with correspondence; several files with minutes or letters referring to Eurofest 73, and the YFC conference in 1950 in Brussels.

Calgary, Canada

Glenbow Library and Archives

Fonds of Eva Reid, including material about the 1981 Southern Alberta Crusade.

Hong Kong, China

Archives of the History of Christianity in China, Hong Kong Baptist University

Material about Graham’s Hong Kong crusades in the papers of Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai and elsewhere in the collection.

Hong Kong, China

Elisabeth Luce Moore Library, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hongkong

Documents, magazine and newspaper clippings and pamphlets about Billy Graham and Franklin Graham’s evangelistic meetings in Hong Kong

Brive, France Archives of Edmond Michelet Papers of Michelet, a promiment Freanch politcian and Christian leader. Contain a few Billy Graham items

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Municipal Archives

Archives of the Netherlands Billy Graham Committee (1948-1957)


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Free University, Historisch Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlands Protestantisme (1800-present)

Several archives containing files with regard to Billy Graham.

Wellington, New Zealand

Alexander Turnbull Library, Manuscript Section

Records of the Wellington Central Baptist Church include a folder of correspondence of some 200 items relating to the 1959 Billy Graham crusade in New Zealand , including minutes, newspaper articles and other materials


National Archives of Singapore

Various photos and recording relating to Graham’s meetings in Singapore, including oral history interviews with people who were either participants or opponents of his ministry

London, United Kingdom

Lambeth Palace Library

Relevant materials in the papers of John R. R. Stott, as well as others, especially the collections of Archbishops of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher, Michael Ramsey, Donald Coggan, and Robert Runcie.


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