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2012 annual report



There is no way else to say it. The Billy Graham Center Archives is an irreplaceable treasure to the Body of Christ. Early in 2012, I returned for a second research trip focused on the story of Wheaton graduates and missionaries, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. Not only was I able to access (with appropriate permissions) personal letters to the Elliots from a variety of sources, during the trip, I connected with experts at [Wheaton College] who were instrumental in helping me understand a world fifty years now gone by. I was particularly grateful to discover that some resources (including archive film footage) easily accessible online. As a writer and film maker, I found the BGC Archives a peaceable working environment with a superb staff, all of who enabled me to take great strides in a very short period of time.

E-mail from author Eileen Chamber in response to a request
from the Archives staff for a report on her research in 2012.


Thank you for this wonderful web site and the opportunity to be notified of new exhibits etc. I can 'feel' my faith grow as I learn more.

E-mail from a web browser.


Thanks for emailing me this. I will be involved in a passion play Easter weekend, and I’m going to use these images to help me paint that time period, as well as what Christ suffered in my mind during rehearsals and the play.

E-mail referring to the April Bulletin Board,
“Postcards of Christ Passion."


Thank you very much once again for allowing me to join your dry run walking tour this morning. I quite enjoyed it and found it most informative and interesting. I trust that it will go well for you and the folks tomorrow [when another tour was planned]. Thanks again.

E-mail from a participant in the Walking Tour of Billy Graham’s
, an event Archives staff led twice in May.


Thank you so much for the loan of this recording! [Collection 603, T3] The interview shed light on the letters received from the papers [the Archives sent], and opened a window a little on our mom’s life in those years.

E-mail from the children of a missionary to China. The Archives staff
was able to send them copies of several documents, as as well loan
an oral history interview from someone who knew their mother.


Thank you ever so much for all the help and kindness you showed me during my recent trip to the BGC Archives. I have had the opportunity to contact archives in several places in China, England, and Ireland in the past, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the services and staff of the BGC were by far the most helpful, welcoming, and accommodating of all the places I have ever visited as a researcher. I especially want to thank you for the helpful pre-trip suggestions, for pulling all of the many files I requested before my arrival, and for (to my genuine amazement), offering to stay late twice during my stay to allow me to look through more collections. How generous that was!
P. S. The ability to scan material and send it to my e-mail was also incredibly helpful!! I had a marvelous experience at the BGC Archives and found rich materials that greatly enhances my project. Thank you so much.

Note from a researcher who was studying the
effects of the 1937-1947 Yellow River Flood in China.


Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful service in response to my request. I'm very grateful!

E-mail from a researcher asking about information
on the Africa Inland Church in Collection 689.


I want to express my gratitude for your assistance earlier in the week. The Lausanne documents and the John Stott collection were significant aids to my dissertation research. Everyone on your team was courteous and helpful. You have a fabulous staff. From knowing my name to helpful suggestions to prompt and patient assistance you made my time profitable and fruitful.

E-mail from a researcher writing on John Stott’s
understanding of the social responsibility of Evangelicals.


A friend of mine was trying to find out who founded the church and that led me to do some research. I found out that Rev. Paul Contento has helped the founding members in their spiritual journey. It's wonderful that you have such detailed archives of Rev. Paul Contento. Thank you, I think I know a little bit more on how the history of the Bible Church Singapore and what a blessing he is to the church. Blessings.

E-mail from someone who was looking at the online information
that the Archives has about missionary Paul Contento

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