billy graham center archives
2012 annual report

Collections Processed in 2012

Paper Records and Mixed Media (7 collections: 6 new, 1 updated)

"New" means a collection being processed and described for the first time. An "updated" collection is having more material added to it, sometimes few items, sometimes many cubic feet of files or other items.

"BGEA" means a collection of records of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

20 Records of Herbert John Taylor. Update. 84 transcript disks of the Club Time radio program, featuring gospel singer George Beverly Shea, 1944-1953. These rare recordings, of a fifteen minute programs of hymns, are some of the earliest recordings of Shea’s music.
265 BGEA: Graham, Billy - Sermons and Select Correspondence. See section of this report on the Billy Graham Sermons project.
530 Oral History Interview with Ruby Maynard. New. Oral history interview of Maynard, a medical missionary with Africa Inland Mission in Tanganyika/Tanzania from 1938-1984. Topics covered include: her education at Moody Bible Institute; managing a hospital and a leprosarium in Tanzania; the development of the Africa Inland Church in that country; Dr. Nina Maynard; her marriage to William Maynard; the realities of missionary life; British colonial government and Tanzanian independence; Tanzanian society and culture.
580. BGEA: Montreat Office. Files of Billy Graham’s personal office where he prepared for his evangelistic campaigns and other activities and from where he administers the BGEA as president. Below are the various subdisions of this collection worked on in 2012
  Atlanta Team Office - New. Office concerned with the activities of BGEA directly involved in the Association’s evangelistic ministry as evangelists, musicians, crusade organizers. Files document the office’s activities from its opening in 1964 until shortly after its closing in 1977.
The Cove - New. The Christian conference center outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Records trace the Cove’s early origins from 1973 down to 2001.
World Wide Pictures - New. Files of the BGEA’s film production and distribution arm, 1959-2001.
689 Papers of Steve Morad. New. Small collection that consists of the manuscript of Morad’s history of the Africa Inland Church of Kenya and the results of a survey of AIC churches that he did as part of the research for the history.
Oral History Interviews Transcribed and Available Online
268 Interview of Helen R. Bott Lowery. 1 recording, 71 minutes. She discusses her childhood memories of Paul Rader and the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle in the 1920s and '30s.
468 Interview of Elizabeth Carolyn (Quakenbush) Stough. 6 recordings, 309 minutes. Stough discusses her parents, childhood, education, conversion, attendance at Moody Bible Institute, call to be a missionary, joining the Africa Inland Mission, travel to Africa, work in French Equatorial Africa, evangelistic field trips, her husband Paul Stough, her work among women in the Belgian Congo, the growth of the Africa Inland Church, the independence of the Congo, the Congolese civil war and Simba uprising, the place of women in missions, leaders of the AIM, and her retirement in 1976.
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