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2012 annual report

Topics Studied

In 2012, visitors from all over the world came to the Archives to research a variety of topics. Below is a sampling, organized into the four most common categories: Evangelicalism, Missions, Politics, and Other.


• American Evangelicalism in the 20th century
• Changes in Evangelicals’ Views on Personal Finance during the 20th Century
• Changes in the Government and Life of Evangelical Congregations in the 20th Century
• Conservative Evangelical Business and Culture
• Economic Justice and Evangelical Thought
• Evangelical Women Leaders, 1960s-1980s
• Relations between Evangelical Christian Baptists and Russian/Ukraine Orthodox in Ukraine


• The American Board of Commissioners’ Work in Macedonia in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries
• Anna and J. Wesley Bovyer’s Work among Orphans in China
• Christian missionary contact with Buddhists and Muslims on the Northwest Border of China/Tibet
• Clarence Jones and HCJB Radio in Ecuador
• Life of Laura Barr, Missionary to the Congo and Uganda
• Single Women in Missions to China
• The Waorani people in Amazonian Ecuador


• Origins of the New Protestant Right
• Protestantism and Politics, 1870-1930
• Relationship between Israel and Protestantism
• Religious Nationalism in Southern Sudan, 1898-1964
• Role of Prayer in the Civil Rights Movement


• Anti-Rock Music Campaigns and Cultural Issues in the 1950s and 1960s
• Billy Graham and American Intellectual Culture
• Carl McIntire and Separatist Fundamentalism
• Impact of Chuck Colson’s Conversion on American Christianity
• Life of Emma Dryer, Founder of Moody Bible Institute
• Music on the Hour of Decision Radio Program
• Pietism in the Great Awakening
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