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2012 annual report

Selected Published Books, Dissertations, and Other Products Based on Recent Research in the Archives)

Blumhofer, Edith L. A History of College Church in Wheaton / The First 150 Years. Tyndale House (Carol Stream, Illinois, 2010).

Cantwell, Christopher D. “‘One Night I Wandered into the Mission:’ The Pacific Garden Mission and the Inner Histories of Industrial America.” Submitted to Religion and American Culture.

Edgerton-Tarpley, Katherine. “Saving the Nation, Drowning the Province: Local-level Responses to the Yellow River Flood of 1938-1947”. Conference paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies in the spring of 2013.

Grant, Paul. “Between the Chicotte and the Cross: Missionary Memory and the Simba Rebellion
in Independent Congo, 1960-1965” Graduate history seminar paper, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012.

Grass, Timothy. F. F. Bruce: A Life. Pasternoster, 2011.

Hillenbrand, Laura. Unbroken / A World War II Story of Survival, Resistance, and Redemption. Random House (New York, 2010).

Hontheim, Astrid de. Devil Chasers and Art Gatherers/ Intercultural Encounters with the Asmat. E.M.E & Intercommunications (Brussels, 2011).

Horlemann, Binaca. “Tibetans and Muslims in Northwest China: Economic and Political Aspects of a Complex Historical Relationship,” Asia Highland Perspectives: 21, 141-186. 2012. See online version.

–. “Tibetan Nomadic Trade, the Chinese ‘Xiejia’ System and the Sino-tibetan Border Market in Stong‘Khor/ Dan’gaer in 19th/ 20th Century a Mdo” in Studies on the History and Literature of Tibet and the Himalayas, edited by Roberto Vitali. Vajta Publications (Kathmandu, Nepal: 2012). See online version.

Lentfer, Nathan V. “A History of the World’s Christian Fundamentals Association (1919-1952)”
[Dissertation] Bob Jones University, May 2011.

McCrea, John T. Remembering Don Robertson. Privately printed, 2011.

McLaughlin, Rich. “Exploring the Conceptual Compatibility of Transformative Learning Theory in Accounts of Christian Spiritual Renewal at Wheaton College in 1995” [Dissertation] Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, anticipated date Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.

Obiguma, Charles, The Centenary of Christianity in Lugbaraland, 1912 to 2012, n.p., n.d.

Oliver, Kendrick. “‘Hi, Fellas. Come on in.’ Norman Carlson, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Rise of Prison Fellowship,” Journal of Church and States, June 2012. See online version.

To Touch the Face of God: The Sacred, the Profane, and the American Space Program, 1957-1975, The Johns Hopkins Press, 2013.

Ruotsila, Markku. “Carl McIntire and the Fundamentalist Origins of the Christian Right,” Church History, June 2012. See online version.

Shearer, Tobin. Invoking Crisis: An Analysis of Public Prayer During the Civil Rights Movement, anticipated publication date 2016.

Showalter, Nathan and Yichao Tu, “Billy Graham, American Evangelicals, and Sino-American Relations,” Missiology XXXVIII:4(2010), pp.444-459.

Stahl, Ronit. "God, War, and Politics: The American Military Chaplaincy and
the Making of Modern American Religion." [Dissertation] University of Michigan, anticipated date: 2014.

Sutton, Matthew Avery. Jerry Falwell and the Origins of the Religious Right. Bedford/St. Matins, 2012.

American Evangelicals and the Politics of Apocalypse (Harvard University Press, 2014).

Weiss, Amy. “The Jewish Problem is a Christian Problem": American Liberal and Evangelical Protestant Responses to the Holocaust, Zionism, and Israel, 1939-1976" [Dissertation] New York University, Anticipated date September 2013.

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