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2009 & 2010 annual report

2009 Pictures

January - Jim Dabner of ProVideo in Madison, Wisconsin delivered a Sony BVH3100 1" video player that they retired and donated to the Archives. While the Archives has a number of 1" videos, this player is the first we have had to view and copy those tapes.
February - Diaries, notes and various other papers of Carl and Anna Gowman who worked among the Lisu people of southeast China as missionaries from 1910 to 1930.
March - Bob inspecting one of the 152 large scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and magazine clippings about Billy Graham and the BGEA. These scrapbooks were received by the Archives in 2008 and covered the years 1983-2005. They were sent to Pennsylvania in 2009 to be microfilmed. The scrapbooks were added to Collection 360.
April - Calligrapher Timothy Botts stood next to the wooden panel he created as a commission by the Archives in 2006. The panel features a verse from the Apostle Peter's second letter that captures the Archives' mission to preserve an ongoing legacy through documents for the instruction, encouragement and inspiration of the Church for future generations.
May - Bob giving the 2009 Treasures of Wheaton lecture on the early ministry of Billy Graham.
April - Gordon Koppin, grandson of Moody church pastor H. A. Ironside, reading his grandfather's diary in the Manuscripts Reading Room.
July - Noel reboxing records given to the Archives by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship-Canada.
July - Paul with Janine and Ernie Lowry of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) during Janine's visit to familiarize herself as the MAF liaison with the MAF files given to the Archives there by the mission.
August - Student worker Katherine Hamilton takes a moment from transcribing oral history excerpts for the Archives' online exhibit featuring Billy Graham's 1949 Los Angeles evangelistic campaign.
September - Bob and Paul holding some of the items featured in the 1949 Christ for Greater Los Angeles online exhibit.
August - Wayne speaking to Professor Cheryl Pierson's class on Gender Roles in Leadership.
August - Will Vaus holding a photograph from his father's papers that he donated to the Archives. Jim Vaus, depicted with Billy Graham in the photo, was later became an evangelist and youth worker after making a profession of faith at Billy Graham's 1949 Los Angeles meetings. Vaus had formerly been a expert in wiretapping for both police and gangsters. His decision to follow Christ received press coverage during the evangelistic campaign.
The staff Christmas Party at the Ericksens.


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