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2008 annual report

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Select List of 2008 Acquisitions


    Crusade transcripts, correspondence and reports from the Overseas Television offices.

    Photos of Billy Graham working on the Astrodome project, 1962 and in a London Marketplace, 1954.

    Scrapbooks of clippings related to Billy Graham and the BGEA.

    Crusade books with forms, minutes, posters, etc., from individual BGEA evangelistic meetings, 1950-2006.


    Papers of Donn Ziebell, including records of Slavic Gospel Association where he served as Executive Vice President in the 1980s-90s as well as papers documenting the organization, Plesion International which Ziebell founded.

    Newsletters and magazines of The Chefoo Schools Association of China Inland Mission.

    Records of: Slavic Gospel Association, African Inland Mission's USA field office, International Christian Broadcasters, World Evangelical Fellowship.

    Films of Eldo and Verna Epp, AIM missionaries in the Belgian Congo, 1952-1959.

    Photos and papers of Leonard and Laura Street, from their time as CIM/OMF missionaries who lived in China, Japan and the Philippines, ranging from 1925-1994.

    Autobiography and letters of Roger Howes and Mary Fickett Howes. Accession includes personal letters written before their marriage in 1929. The Howes were missionaries with CIM in China from 1925-1949. See Collection 562 for more of their story.

    Correspondence, prayer letters and abundant notes of Catherine Peeke, linguistics expert and Bible translator for SIL in Latin America where she worked on the Waorani Bible. (This material is only temporarily in the custody of the BGC Archives, and will eventually be transferred to the SIL Archives.

    Cassette recordings of personal messages and speeches by missionaries Jim and Betty Elliot.


    YFC publications, videos, brochures, promotional material and scrapbooks including one of the early years of posters, clippings, programs and photos, as well as two of different YFC events held in Indiana from 1944-1955.

    Correspondence, articles, and other documents relating to Robert Coleman's 60+ year career as head of the BGC's Institute of Evangelism, Trinity Evangelical's head of the World Mission School and a professor at Gordon-Conwell.

    International Fellowship of Evangelical Students' correspondence, minutes, member movements, staff files, legal files and publications covering its ministry from 1932-1997.

    Calendar and postcards of Percy Crawford's family's ministry, camp ministry and Young People's Church of the Air, and Mountainbrook Camp (founded by Percy Crawford) memorabilia, 1934-1941.

Oral History Interviews:

    Theodore Mole about his work among the Caxa and Elani (sp?) people of Siberia, raising a family on the mission field and the strengths and weaknesses of the Caxa church.

    Tedd Seelye interview with Jim Kraakevik done in 1990. Kraakevik was a Physics professor at Wheaton College as well as an SIM missionary in Africa. He was the third director of the Billy Graham Center where he served from 1984-1996.

    Donn Ziebell about his spiritual development, his education as a metallurgist, career as engineer and businessman, his joining Slavic Gospel Association as vice president in 1986, his work at Slavic Gospel Association from 1986-1992, his trips to Russia on behalf of the SGA, and the growth of his development ministry, Plesion International.

    Kenyan Wheaton College graduate student and pastor, David Tarus on the ministry of his parents, his conversion, spiritual development, Scott Theological College, the Africa Inland Church, Scott’s satellite campus in Eldoret, the condition of the Christian church in Kenya.

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