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Bob interacting with participants in the November Treasure Hunt.
...Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

While each year stands on its own (as in this report we review 2005), each year also builds on those before it and looks ahead to those yet to come. Every year brings new challenges, projects, surprises, and maybe disappointments. Our goal as archivists is to preserve a record that will serve as memory and contribute to current or future decisions, understanding and inspiration, making memory accessible in an ongoing way. As one of our website visitors put it:

When I found this website, it brought back a flood of wonderful memories. Thank you for keeping the memory alive.

2005 Website visitor

For archivists, keeping memory alive involves documenting the stories of people and institutions, showing God's grace and human fallenness and renewal. Time for archivists is a critical resource, in part because we are concerned with events and the lives of those that occurred at a given time, and also because we have to be good stewards of our time in order to effectively gather materials, care for, arrange and describe them, and then encourage their use.

We are also concerned with the spread of the living good news about Jesus Christ, who also lived in time and who launched his Church in time and space. These are great mysteries of which we seek to be good stewards. Our desire is that the Archives will function not for its own sake, but that it will be a part of God's will being done, something that only He can accomplish.

This report is our accounting of the activity and oversight of the Archives during 2005. Here are a few highlights that happened during the year with links to further information in other parts of the 2005 report or our website.

We welcome you jump into our report in the following pages that provide other highlights, and more description, pictures and statistics of what we've tackled and encountered in the past year.

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