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Thank you card with comments from the students of Professor Robert Gallaher's Contemporary Missions History class, after their January session in the Archives Reading Room.

  "I was saved at Pine Brook Bible Conference at 10:15 am on July 29th, 1952 under the ministry of Percy Crawford. I remember the time and date because he had us write it in our Bibles. I now live in Ohio and it has been so many years that no one here knows who Percy Crawford is. I was so happy to find your web site and enjoy it very much." E-mail from a visitor to the Archives Web site.
"Thank you more than I can say for the full answer you gave to my question. I am touched by the way you went above and beyond all I asked to try to help me with leads to find [them], especially the phone number. I will follow your suggestions." E-mail from an inquirer searching for a family friend.  
  "We were thrilled to see the beautiful memorial page for Jennie. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to a great lady!" Note from the son and daughter-in-law of Jennie Fitzwilliam in response to the memorial page posted by the Archives after Jennie's death. During 2003, the Archives added seven memorial pages to its site.
"Your information was a big help. We found extensive coverage in our local newspaper it would have taken nearly forever to find it without knowing the dates to look for." E-mail from a man wanting to know the dates Billy Sunday held meetings in Niagara Falls, NY. Click to see the partial list of Sunday's meetings online.  
  "Wayne: That will be great not only the index, etc., but the poem, which is totally unexpected. In the 1920s, after her suffrage career was over, Sara Bard Field later became a quite a good published poet, but nearly all the poetry she wrote before about 1911 has been lost in a fire. As far as I know, this is the only early one that survives, so it will be very interesting indeed to see it. This is the kind of happy surprise biographers always hope for and rarely get, so I can't tell you how much I appreciate the trouble you're taking. Thank you so much!" E-mail from a scholar writing a biography of Field. Wayne helped her locate unsuspected materials, including an early Field poem.
"Thank you! I received the first set of videos. Mom and I watched them. We appreciate being able to hear Capt Fuchida and Colleen [Townsend Evans]'s testimonies. To be able to see Capt Fuchida give his testimony and hear a young Billy Graham preach was inspiring. My mom was touched by Colleen's testimony. My brother and his family will be here in a month and we will show him also." E-mail from a woman who borrowed videotapes of Billy Graham's Hour of Decision television programs which were instrumental in her father's coming to faith.  
  "I sincerely want express my thanks and a appreciation for all the work you and others at Wheaton have put forth on my behalf. I contacted the Bible readings website and listened to the voice of D.L.Moody over 103+ years ago and, needless to say, it sent chills up my spine to listen to an evangelist so long ago that God used so mightily in that era, and this being due to Mr. Moody's willingness to be used. Again, Thank-you so very much." E-mail from a man wanting to borrow an audio tape of Dwight L. Moody reading from the Bible. He was told how he could borrow the tape, but also told he could find the same recording at another site.
"I am an assistant archivist with the University of Central Arkansas and recently we have been working on an Oral History Project of some enormity. [A researcher] received an email from you with some suggestions, which were passed along to the Archives here. I would just like to extend my thanks and gratitude to you and your organization for lending a helping hand. Your wisdom did not fall on deaf ears and it is good to know that great institutions can rely on one another for guidance and support. Thank you." E-mail from fellow archivist.  
  "I have recently bought a desktop computer. It has the capacity to explore more than I had with my previous laptop. In the last few days I have explored some of your collections which have brought back a lot of memories. It has reminded me why I made so many trip to Chicago! I have a lot more to explore yet. I am writing this to express my admiration for you and your colleagues who have put this together. It more than I could have imagined. I am eternally grateful to all of you for this wonderful work. We had neither the money, skills, or time to do any decent work on these material. I am so grateful for the BGC Archives. I am amazed at the order you have been able to create out of the hopeless confusion of material which we turned over to you." Message from Wade Coggins, former executive director of the Evangelical Foreign Mission Association.
"Thank you so much for setting up the Treasure Hunt for our homeschool group. The event was a lot of fun, and I believe the kids really learned a lot. They were absorbed and interested as they went from station to station looking at the pictures and reading the letters/documents. I know my boys enjoyed it, and I'm sure the others did, too. I look forward to using the archives during my boys, high school years in research projects I plan to assign them. Thanks again to you and your staff (and to Mr. Carlson!) for an excellent field trip for our group. We appreciate it so much." Note from a homeschooling mother.  
  "I've begun initial phases of production on the numerous programs we've been asked to produce. It will be a long journey before the last is completed but at least for the immediate future we are in good shape. Thanks for all of your assistance and great attitudes in helping us out. I'll be in touch as the programs develop. May God Bless you all." E-mail from film producer at Samaritan's Purse. The Archives helped the producers locate relevant footage and photographs, as well as coodinated their use of these materials during their three-day visit.