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Public Service

  Wayne delivering a presentation on some of the resources for family history in the Archives' collections  

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for spending some time with me last Wednesday. It was very helpful in allowing me to see what another missions archives looks like and how you have used technology to advance the accessibility of your collections. Dr. Wenninger and Patty McGarvey had both spoken highly of the BGC Archives!" E-mail from Brian Wiggins, on the staff of the Christian and Missionary Alliance National Archives. He had visited the BGC Archives in July to learn how we digitized documents.

Public Service Statistics 1995-2002

1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) 26 60 34 36 32 19 26 35
Classes 14 18 13 20 17 19 17 17
E-mail 89 147 274 291 467 575 626 726
Faxes 7 3 5 4 3 3 1 2
Interlibrary Loans 6 12 7 6 21 31 17 31
Letters 57 34 28 20 12 15 18 11
Personal Contacts 64 53 49 36 22 14 19 35
Phone 194 171 179 163 132 145 178 154
Presentations 12 10 14 9 9 12 5 11
Totals 469 508 603 585 715 833 907 1022

In addition to responding to thirty-five requests for information or assistance from the BGEA during the year, the Archives staff in consultation with the BGEA finalized guidelines on how to handle its records when sent to the Archives, and met with BGEA representatives several times about the best way to care for the BGEA records during their transition to new headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our online newsletter, The Witness, came out in January, May and September. Click to see the combined edition. Note: The newsletter was discontinued at the end of 2002.

  Bob giving a tour of the Archives storage area to Mike Southworth and Douglas P. Van Wirt of the Cove, and Angelus Wilson, director of the BGC Institute of Prison Ministries. The Cove is a Bible conference center built by the BGEA and Schuit and Van Wort visited in January to get ideas for the storage area of their campus.  

Among the eleven presentations by the staff this year were:

In 2002, the Archives received $11,450 in gifts and $3,300 in fees for the use and/or duplication of materials.

Organizations Assisted

The following organizations asked for and received some kind of assistance from the Archives staff in 2002. Most were requests for information or documents.
American Messianic Fellowship
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
Asbury Theological Seminary
Baker Books
Beeson Divinity School
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
BIOLA University
Bob Jones University
Buffalo City Mission
Calvary Baptist Church, Fowley, Alabama
Calvary Chapel Publishing
Carson-Newman College
CBN News
Chatlos Foundation
Chicago Public Television
Choice Productions, Inc.
Christian and Missionary Alliance National Archives
Christian History magazine
Christians for Biblical Equality
Coral Ridge Ministries
Crown Publications
The Crystal Cathedral
Decision magazine
DeMoss Group
Disciples of Christ Church
EDGE home school support group
Fellowship Foundation
Free Methodist Archives
Gale Group
Greater Europe Mission
Harper Collings Publisher (Australia)
Huai'an Heritage Committee International Programs Center
INJOY Stewardship Services
Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Jews for Jesus
The Learning Channel
Library of Congress
Lifeway Christian Resources
Maryland Public Television
Messianic Vision
Mission Houses Museum
Moody Church
Nazarene Vision Center
Oxford University Press
Peabody Essex Museum
Peace Lutheran Church
Pecos Films
Pioneer Clubs
Point Group
Presbyterian Church Archives of Aortearoa New Zealand
Radio station KADI
Radio station WBYN
Radio station WMBI
Rags Films
Realities Ministry
Society of the Divine Word Archives
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
US News & World Report magazine
Wheaton College Marketing
Wheaton College Media Services
World Evangelical Alliance
World Harvest College
World Magazine
Youth for Christ

The Internet


"I'm a 14 year old student in Maryland, USA, and I'd like to thank you for having such a resourceful and complete website with lots of information on it. I will be in 10th grade next year, and did a report on Jonathan Goforth during the summer. Your site really helped me understand the book Goforth of China, which is really a great book. Thanks again."
E-mail message received in August. Jonathan Goforth, pictured in the Web page above, with his wife Rosalind.


The front page of the Archives' web site was visited 25,780 times last year. This does not include the visitors who went directly to other parts of our site, such as What's New?, the links to other Evangelical history sites, home school information, the monthly Bulletin Board, frequently asked questions, information for church archives, etc. One popular page chronicled the visit of Herman the Hawk on December 5, St. Nicholas Day. The online database to our holdings continued to be heavily used, as was the listing of our guides. Among the pages we added to our web site in 2002 were:

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