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Dedication and ordination at Mwanza, Tanganyika, of four African pastors in the Africa Inland Church. 1932.
from PHOTO FILE:  Africa Inland Mission--South African Committee.
Caption on back reads: "Picutre taken at Mwanza, on occasion of Mwanza church dedication and ordination of African pastors, December 16-18, 1932. Front row, sitting left to right: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Sywulka, Mrs. Sywulka, Mrs. Varughese, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Hess. Second row, standing: Pastor Tomaso Mhela, Pastor Isaka Nyalagu, Mr. Jester, Mr. Varguhese, Yakabo Mhoja. The Africans in the picture were ordained at this time; a fourth, Yonazani Malongo, and could not be found at the time the picture was taken. These four men are the first in our mission to be ordained...."

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