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[Following is the list of Zamzam passengers as it appeared on page 15 of the May 20, 1941 edition of the New York Times. Comments by the archivist appear in brackets [].]

Partial List of Zamzam Passengers

Here is an unofficial and incomplete list of the passengers reported aboard the Egyptian liner Zamzam. The list was compiled from reports from the press associations, missions throughout the country, and other sources. In some instances identification of passengers was not available. The list follows:

Ambulance Drivers

Butcher, George McF., 21, of Seattle, Wash.
Clark, Michael K., 21, of New York City.
Colcord, Ray, Jr., 24, of Tulsa, Okla.
Crudgington, James W., of Cincinnati, Princeton student.
Davidson, William A., 22, of Worcester, Mass.
Emsheimer, Henry, 36, of 23 West Seventy-third Street, New York City.
Faversham, Philip, 33, of New York City.
Finneran, George C., 21, of 97 Apawamis Avenue, Rye, N. Y.
Greenough, Thomas O., 20, of Proffit, Va.
Harriss, Charles L., 20, of New York City.
Havilland, Raymond, 20, of St. Louis, Mo.
Hoeing, Frederick W., 33, of New York City, a Harvard University instructor.
Jeffress, Arthur T., 35, of West Hollywood, Calif.
King, Donald S., 25, of Chevy Chase, Md.
Krida, Arthur Jr., 26, of South Kent, Conn.
McCarthy, Charles A., 29, of Weston, Mass.
Morris, John, 28, of New York City.
Mueller, Arthur, 32, of Butte, Mont.
Stewart, James W. 36, of Oneonta, N. Y.
Redgate, Robert L. 19, of Harrison, N. Y.
Ryan, John W., 21, of Newton, Mass.
Tichener, George O., 24, of 19 South Pearson Road, Maplewood, N. J.
Vicovari, Francis J., 29, of New York City.
Wydenbruck-Loe, William A., 50, of New York City.


Agrinson, Miss Alida, 41, of Chicago, Lutheran Sudan missionary.
Albaugh, Dana M., North Baptist Missionary secretary.
Almen, Miss Florence, of Chicago, Brethren Church missionary.
Armstrong, Miss Mae P., Free Methodist missionary, Portuguese East Africa.
Barnett, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M., of Hackensack, N. J., Africa Inland missionaries.
Barsalou, Father Robert, of Ottawa, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Belknap, the Rev. and Mrs. George, of Boyne City, Mich., National Holiness Society Missionaries.
Belknap. Miss Martha E.
Bergeron, Father Raoul, of Chicoutimi, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Berntsen, Sister Olette, of Sudan Mission, French Cameroon.
Blanchard, Miss Jessie, of Defiance, Ohio, Africa Inland missionary.
Boulanger, Father Gerard, of St. Ludger, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Brill, Mr. and Mrs. Roy F., of Philadelphia, Africa Inland missionaries.
Brill, Roy Jr., 8, of Philadelphia.
Brill, Fay, 5, of Philadelphia.
Brill, Edith, 3, of Philadelphia.
Brill, David, 2, of Philadelphia.
Burgess, Miss Ruth C., of Hackensack, N. J., Africa Inland missionary.
Buyse, the Rev. And Mrs. L. J., of St. Paul, Minn., Africa Inland missionaries.
Buyse, Robert J., 12, of St. Paul.
Buyse, Marion, 8, of St. Paul.
Byron, Miss Grace, of Pleasant Grove, Iowa, Brethren Church missionary.
Charbonneau, Father Hermengilde, of Montreal, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Cournoyer, Brother Roland, of St. Bironique, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Derr, the Rev. and Mrs. Paul E. Derr, Assembly of God missionaries.
Des Noyers, Father Bernard, of Farnham, Quebec, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Dosumu, Miss Ayodele, of Liberia.
Dosumu, the Rev. and Mrs. T. O., of Liberia, missionaries.
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. William H., of Detroit, United Christian missionaries.
Elam, Miss Elma, of Madison, Mo., Southern Baptist Church missionary.
Engel, Mary A., 32, of Baltimore, missionary nurse.
Fix, the Rev. and Mrs. W. Ted, of Blountville, Tenn., Africa Inland missionaries.
Fix, Mary L., 1-year-old, of Blountville, Tenn.
Fredette, Brother André, of Central Falls, R. I., Sacred Heart Order missionary.
Gondreau, Father Phillippe, of St. Pierre Batiste de Mégantic, Quebec, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Guilding, the Rev. and Mrs. W. J., of Detroit Mich., Africa Inland missionaries.
Guttormsen, Miss Olga, Norwegian Lutheran missionary.
Hall, Miss Barbara.
Hall, the Rev. and Mrs. David B., missionaries.
Hall, John.
Malsey, Miss Harriett, of Syracuse, N. Y., Africa Inland missionary.
Henderson, Dr. and Mrs. A. G., of Winnipeg, Canada, United Christian Missionaries.
Hult, the Rev. R. D., of Springfield, Mo., missionary.
Hunter, Dr. and Mrs. De Graff, missionaries.
Hyatt, Miss Helen, of Cape Town, South Africa, Seventh Day Adventist missionary.
Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J., of Scotts Bluff, Neb., Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.
Johnson, the Rev. and Mrs. Stanley, of Walla Walla, Wash., Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.
Johnson, the Rev. and Mrs. Eugene, and two children, of Minneapolis, Lutheran missionaries.
Juneau, Father Paul, of Maskinonge, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Keck, Mr. and Mrs. Claude, of Springfield, Mo., Central Bible Institute missionaries.
Kinnan, Miss Vemura, of Crookston, Minn., Lutheran missionary.
La Flamme, Brother Henri, of Manchester N. H., Sacred Heart Order missionary.
Landis, Miss Alice, of Elizabethtown, Pa., Africa Inland missionary.
La Rivière, Father Louis of Saints Zacharie, Quebec, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
LaValle, Brother Mathias, of Montreal, Canada, Sacred Heart Order missionary.
LaVallee, Brother Aime, of Central Falls, R. I., Sacred Heart Order missionary.
MacKnight, James P., of Allentown Pa., United Presbyterian Church missionary.
McCallister, the Rev. Irl and Mrs. Theodore [actually, Rev. Irl Theodore and Mrs. Florence], of Wheaton, Ill., Scandinavian Alliance missionaries.
Moore, Miss Isabella, of Behtlehem, Ky., Southern Baptist Church missionary.
Morrill, the Rev. and Mrs. Curtis, of Ashland, Ohio, Brethren Church missionaries.
Morrill, Elaine, 4, of Ashland, Ohio.
Morrill, Stephen, 14 months, of Ashland, Ohio.
Morrison, the Rev. and Mrs, Thomas K., and two children, of Lexington, Va., Presbyterian missionaries.
Muir, the Rev. and Mrs. R. Nelson, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Faith missionaries.
Mundy, the Rev. and Mrs. W. A., of Irvington, N. J., Africa Inland missionaries.
Nadeau, Brother Herman, of Providence, R. I., Sacred Heart Order missionary.
Norberg, Dr. and Mrs. C. Einar, of Minneapolis, Lutheran missionaries.
Norberg, Carl, of Minneapolis.
Norberg, Miss Marie, of Minneapolis.
Norberg, Miss Ruth, of Minneapolis.
Ohman, the Rev. and Mrs. Walter A., of Cleveland, Ohio, Gospel Church missionaries.
Oiness, Miss Sylvia, 29, of Baltimore, missionary nurse.
Olson, Miss Esther, of Eau Claire, Wis., Lutheran missionary.
Olson, Miss Rhodie, 26, of Pittsburgh, Pa.,Worldwide Evangelization Crusade missionary.
O’Neal, Dr. and Mrs. Paul, of River Falls Ala., Southern Baptist Church missionaries.
O’Neal, Miss Annette, of River Falls, Ala.
Paquette, Father, of Amqqui, Quebec, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Parent, Brother Leo, of Neuville, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Pellerin, Father Pierre, of Montreal, Canada, Catholic Oblate Order missionary.
Powell, Mrs. J. C. of Burgaw, N. C., Southern Baptist Church missionary.
Reynolds, Miss Dora, of Franklin, Tenn., Presbyterian missionary.
Rogalsky, Miss Lydia, of McPherson, Kan., Scandinavian Alliance missionary.
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. C. A., and child, of Union Springs, N. Y. Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. James S., and child, of Toronto, Canada, Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.
Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S., and child, of Hartford, Conn., Seventh Day Adventist missionaries.
Schwartz, Dr. and Mrs. Merle H., Disciplines of Christ missionaries, Belgium Congo.
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Paul J., of Pittsburgh, United Presbyterian missionaries.
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Tinsley, of Denver, Colo., Southern Presbyterian Church missionary.
Snyder, Miss Ruth, of Conemaugh, Pa., Brethren Church missionary.
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth, of Alberta, Canada, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade missionaries.
Thompson, Miss Margaret, of Monroe, Ohio, National Holiness Society missionary.
Turner, Miss Carol O., of Hartford, Conn., Africa Inland missionary.
Utz, Miss Ruth, 30, of Baltimore, missionary nurse.
Williams, the Rev. and Mrs. Robert, of Harrah, Wash., Brethren Church missionaries.
Young, Mr. and Mrs Fred J., of Gestonia, N. C., Africa Inland missionaries.


Beam, Miss Mary, of Greenville, S. C. [Note: Mary Beam was in fact a missionary with Sudan Interior Mission]
Burton, Paul A., of Wilson, N. C., tobacconist.
Cawthorne, Harry, of Wilson, N. C., tobacconist.
Conboy, Frank E.
Danielson, Mrs. Elmer R. of Lindsborg, Kan., en route to her missionary husband. [Note: Mrs. Danielson and her six children should have been listed with the missionary families. They were Lutherans of the Augustana Synod.]
Danielson, Miss Eleanor.
Danielson, Miss Evelyn.
Danielson, Miss Lois.
Danielson, Miss Luella.
Danielson, Lawrence D.
Danielson, Miss Wilfred.
De Liguori, Prince Alfons, Italian prince.
Dreyer, Dr. N. B., Canadian.
Guernsey, Mrs. T. D., of Vancouver, Canada.
Hankins, Mrs. Violet, of Toronto, wife of a South African doctor.
Johnson, Tinkie, of Raleigh, N. C., tobacconist.
Johnson, William A.
Lassetter, Mrs. Elsie.
Laughinghouse, Ned, of Wilson, N. C., tobacconist.
Levitt, Mrs. Katherine, of Montreal, Canada.
Levitt, Peter, 6, of Montreal, Canada.
Levitt, Wendyn, 2, of Montreal, Canada.
McWhannella, Mrs. Nora O.
McWhannella, Miss Sarah.
Massey, Walter E.
Miller, Thomas, of Wilson, N. C., tobacconist.
Murphy, Charles J. V., member of board of editors of Fortune Magazine.
Newman, Dr. L. E., of South Africa.
Pouloo, Miss Parasaphino, Greek nurse.
Sallari, Miss C. T., Greek nurse.
Scherman, David, Life Magazine photographer.
Smith, James, of Wilson, N. C., Tobacconist.
Solnick, Paul E.
Starling, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
Strachan, Mrs K. N., of Toronto, Canada.
Thompson, Miss Audrey, 14, of St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.
Thompson, Mrs. W. E., of St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.
Turner, Miss Doreen, of Toronto, Canada.
Uytendale, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, of Belgium.
Uytendale, Miss Jodelieve, of Belgium.
Uytendale, Ivo, of Belgium.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.

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