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Small Collection 115- Ephemera of the Navajo Indian Evangelization Movement

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Small Collection 115 [August 31, 2010]

Navajo Indian Evangelization Movement; 1930-

Ephemera; ca. 1938

1 Folder



Historical Background

The Navajo Indian Evangelization Movement (NIEM) was founded in 1930 by Berlyn and Edith Stokely in Flagstone, Arizona. The purpose of the mission was to present the Gospel to the Dineh (Navajo) people of southwestern United States and help communities develop and thrive. The mission incorporated as the Navajo Gospel Mission in 1944. It became Ameritribes in 1994, by which time it was working with Native American tribes in the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. In 2009 Ameritribes merged with Pioneers.

Scope and Content

Copy of a mimeographed booklet, titled Blessings from Beth-Hanan. The booklet is a transcript of the diary kept by Katherine R. Beard and Ruth A. Grant describing their beginning of their work as NIEM workers among the Dineh (Navajo) people in the Sand Springs region, southwest of Oraibi, Arizona. The transcript covers the period from May 11 through October 30th, 1937.


Material in this collection was given to the Archives by the Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church, USA in August 2010.

Accession 10-63
August 31, 2010
Bob Shuster

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