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Small Collection 110 - Ephemera of Helen Priscilla Stam

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Small Collection 110 [November 7, 1995]

Stam, Helen Priscilla; 1934-

Ephemera; 1934-1939

2 Folders


Because of the fragile nature of the originals in this collection, folder 1-1 is restricted from use.


Full Name: Helen Priscilla Stam

Birth Date: September 1934

Birth Place: Wuhu, China

Parents: John Cornelius and Elisabeth Alden Scott Stam, missionaries killed by the Communists in China in 1934

Scope and Content

This small collection contains a few newspaper clippings that tell about the childhood of Stam; describe the murder in China of her missionary parents, John and Betty Stam, by communist soldiers when she was a baby; her rescue in China by local Christians; and express the hopes of her grandparents that she would become a missionary. There are two folders, one of which contains the original clippings; the other folder contains photocopies of the clippings and is the folder which should be used.


The materials in this small collection were given to the Billy Graham Center Archives by a staff member of the Billy Graham Center Library in January 1989.

Accession 89-1 November 2, 1995

Janyce H. Nasgowitz


Box Folder Item

1 1 R Newspaper clippings; 1934-1939

2 Newspaper clippings--photocopies; 1934-1939

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