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Small Collection 75 - Prayer Letter of Charles Fairclough

Small Collection 75 [February 26, 1996]

Fairclough, Charles

Prayer Letter; 1928

1 Folder


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Missionary with China Inland Mission.

Scope and Content

Ten-page letter from Fairclough. Includes accounts of a tour of mission stations in Zhejiang Province, the evidence of cultural and social upheaval in the area, an evaluation of the church in China as it emerged from persecution, reflection on the political, social and cultural developments during Fairclough's thirty years of missionary work, an overview of current developments following civil war from 1926-1928, and an evaluation of China's future. Includes four pages of illustrations of propaganda, second and third century B.C. knife money, and an outline of nationalist government structure, as well as a government ordered list of "twelve important principles for the people."


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in April 1982 from Overseas Missionary Fellowship (Wayne Courtney).

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