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Small Collection 62 - Letters of Gideon Hawley

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Small Collection 62 [February 23, 1996]

Hawley, Gideon; 1737-1807 (or 1727?)

Letters; 1766, 1803

1 Folder


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Missionary, minister; born, 1737; graduated from Yale University; served as a Congregational minister and as a missionary to the various Indian tribes in Massachusetts; also taught under missionary Jonathan Edwards; died, 1807.

Scope and Content

Letter written to Rev. Mr. Dunster at Harwick consoling him on the imminent death of of Dunster's wife. Also includes a short note from Hawley to Captain David Allen.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Mashpee 20 May 1766


I heartily sympathize with you that on this day of public felicity (?) there is a gloomy cloud over your family. I have earnestly desired to visit you and console with you under your afflictions and to have seen Mrs. Dunster before she departed to be here no more; But as I hear she is so far gone, I can only expect and desire to meet her in a better world, into which I wish her an abundant entrance, when He, with whom are the issues of life and death, shall call her from us. I pray God give her a strong and victorious faith in the great redeemer that she may triumph over all her spiritual enemies. And that you may quietly agree in the will of God and in the issue [unclear word] that it is good for you that you have [part of letter missing] afflicted and wounded in the sensible manner. Please to give my kind love to your daughter and let her know that I heartily wish for her everything she can wish for herself.

I am, Dear Sir, yr affectionate, sympathizing, friend and brother,

Gideon Hawley


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in December 1980 from Terry Alford of the Manuscript Company of Springfield, Virginia, and at an unknown date.

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