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Small Collection 61 - Manuscript Booklet of Charles Isaac Blanchett

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Small Collection 61 [February 22, 1996]

Blanchett, Charles Isaac; 1875-1933

Manuscript Booklet; 1908

1 Folder


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Charles Isaac Blanchett was a priest and missionary under the Church Missionary Society in Pakhoi, a city near Hong Kong in South China. He arrived there in February 1908 to begin a long and productive mission work.

Scope and Content

This booklet was presented to Blanchett shortly after his arrival in Pakhoi by author/artist Margery Stuart, a friend stranded in Pakhoi by a winter storm. It contains nine water color sketches illustrating a three-verse limerick written in English but deceptively lettered in a stylistic Chinese script. In the poem, "The Cannibal Queen of Pakhoi," we are introduced to a fanciful world--there were in fact no cannibals in Pakhoi, which was a modern city--where a missionary (Blanchett) and a bishop (the Rt. Rev. G. H. Lander, bishop of Hong Kong, 1906-1920) are ambushed by hungry natives.

The complete text of the poem is:

There's a cannibal queen in Pakhoi
Who said to her husband dear boy
There's coming a bish
And with him a mish
Now which do you think you'd enjoy?

Then up spake a girl from Hayman
'Tis long since we tasted a man
This succulent bish
And tasty young mish
How well they will stew in our pan. (continued on following page)

But then came the Floras along
Which said we think you are wrong
You may stick to the mish
But his lordship the bish
We have to take back to Hong Kong.


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in January 1979 from Terry Alford of the Manuscript Company of Springfield, Virginia.

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