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Small Collection 38 - Letters of George Jeffreys

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Small Collection 38 [February 20, 1996]

Jeffreys, George

Letters; 1930, n.d.

1 Folder


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


British evangelist; founder and leader of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance.

Scope and Content

Two letters by British evangelist George Jeffreys to a Rev. Glasnant Jones. Both letters were apparently sent along with books that Jeffreys was sending to Jones. The letters are brief but contain some comments on the evangelistic meeting Jeffreys was holding.


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in August 1978 from the Billy Graham Center Library.



[ALS, one side, 1 page]
[unclear] Elim Woodland
Clarence [?] Road
Clapham Park
London SW4
Nov 26

My Dear Mr. Jones.

At long last I am sending you a copy of the book written by one of our ministers on the work God has preciously [?] given me. Let me know what your impressions are when you have a minutes to spare. If you feel like reviewing it for some paper such as “British Weekly” etc., you are perfectly at liberty to do so.

Trust by this time Mrs. Jones is quite well. I am at present in Bradford where I am again experiencing some wonderful meetings. The Gospel entrusted to my charge seems to be the message for the hour, for the young people are simply rallying to it’s call.

Kindest Christian Love to both
Your ever in Christ
George Jeffreys

[TLS, 1 side, 2 pages, Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance letterhead]
9, Warwick Road

May 30th 1930.

Rev.w.Glasnant Jones,

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thanks ever so much for your kind letter, good wishes and notes on Pentecost, which will be useful to me.

I passed your letter on to Mr. Davies here, evidently he is the gentleman you knew in days gone by. He is a very kind broad-minded man is a real good preacher.

I am now in the great Bingley Hall. This is the third occasion in which the hall has been booked for evangelistic services. The first time was in 1875 for D.L. Moody, the second in 1904 for Dr. Torrey, so you see I am privileged to follow the trail of some of the choicest Evangelists.

The Royal Albert Hall meetings were packed at Eastertide from early morning until night, three great meetings which will never be forgotten. I daresay you have read the reports in the “Evangel” which I trust you are getting regularly. If not you must drop me a line and I will see that you do.

I am enclosing my latest book, the answer to questions on the delicate subject of healing will interest you.

I trust dear Mrs.Jones and the boys are keeping well. Do not forget to let me know when you come to London.

Yours in His service,

George Jeffreys

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